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Thread: camel puzzle?

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    camel puzzle?

    i seriously dnt get!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ConnectTheDots View Post
    No, there isn't a time limit for it. :)

    There isn’t a TRUE spoiler to this puzzle. However, here are some suggestions/hints that I can offer you –
    1. First and foremost, I would check out a walkthrough. Some have pictures posted where you can see exactly what the puzzle looks like when it’s finished.
    2. Secondly, you should know that this puzzle turns into a
    slider puzzle, so the puzzle will look like 9 big pieces of a bigger puzzle once you’re finished.

    3. Here’s a third suggestion, if you are someone who does not want to use a walkthrough no matter what: Before you begin, (or if you are willing to restart the puzzle by backing away from it)
    take a picture with your camera of the completed camel picture on the cover of the jigsaw puzzle, or draw a picture of it on some paper. Then, divide your picture into 9 sections of equal size – three rows, three columns – and number the sections 1-9 horizontally (from the top).

    Here’s the spoiler for the third suggestion of where each section of that picture should be after you complete the jigsaw puzzle -
    3 5 2
    1 8 7
    Blank 6 4
    The blank section is made up of black pieces with white lines around the edges.

    That’s the best spoiler/hint I can give ya! As you can probably see, it would be much less of a headache to just use a walkthrough, but I thought I’d come with an alternative, anyway! =P
    Good luck!
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    It's a confusing puzzle. Here's what's going on:
    You are putting together a jigsaw puzzle that will turn into a slider puzzle! There are nine different sections to the jigsaw puzzle, which is why it doesn't all make sense. When you put the puzzle together, then you'll be able to slide the sections around. So, to solve the jigsaw puzzle, you'll really need to look at the patterns on each of the pieces. Look for pieces that go together, instead of focusing on the big picture.


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    Thumbs down

    if you really can't do it(like me) then use my suggestion that i used cuz i was so desperate.
    go on youtube and find something. remember that later it turns into a slider puzzle so don't worry about a camels head being next to its legs or something.


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