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Thread: Mysty (Little Jackalope) -- Amateur Sleuth blog comments/questions

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    Question Mysty (Little Jackalope) -- Amateur Sleuth blog comments/questions

    I'm guessing your second 3D castle puzzle was Cinderella's castle, correct?

    (I still prefer the original Bavarian model, but a puzzle is still a puzzle, and always worth doing!)

    So, that moment in CAP that "got you"--how does that rate on a scale of 1 to 10 versus the biggest jump moment for you in SAW? (And no, I'm obviously not asking you to specify, given that this isn't Scrapbook Central.)

    Thought I'd ask, since you put the teaser out there!
    Tom Thatcher
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    You have a good eye, detective. That is the puzzle!

    As for the scary moment, it happened so fast that I literally flew back in my chair, away from the computer. It was a different kind of scare than youíd get from playing SAW, so comparing is a bit difficult. I will say that since I usually donít startle while playing these games, so this was pretty high on the 1-10 scale (about an 8) for me. Though, I was laughing afterwards at how I reacted, so itís a good scare. Iím going to hunt down a few responsible people for this part of the game and thank them.

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