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Thread: Treasure in a Royal Tower won't load

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    Unhappy Treasure in a Royal Tower won't load

    I've installed Treasure in a Royal Tower on my Windows 7 machine, following all the tech advice and work-arounds. When the game appeared to start up, I was excited that it might work.

    Unfortunately, now I seem to be getting a display error:
    "InitDirectDraw() - We're sorry - your system cannot play the correct display mode for this game. Game shutting down."

    I have a wide screen flat panel monitor that will allow me only two resolution settings: 1920x1080 or 1280x720. I tried switching to the lower resolution and the game still would not load.

    Any suggestions? Am I out of luck with the older Nancy Drew games?


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    The game may be too old to handle the wide screen.

    I would email HeR technical support for verification though.
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