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Thread: Gates in tunnel?!?!

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    Unhappy Gates in tunnel?!?!

    Please help!! I cant get isis past the gates in the tunnels.... idk how spoilers please :)
    but a dream within a dream ?

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    Ok, what you need to do sounds easy but is hard for some people. First you need to have all of the animal tokens. Here is where to find them all:

    Pig Token:
    Face the box that has the overlook of the maze. Back up and turn to the left to see a ladder, climb up and walk forward until you see a fork in the road, go right. Now according to Tapper Dan's instructions he used to have the pig pull the rope for him, we don't have a pig, but we have Isis! Go back to the maze overlook box where you started. The arrow in the upper right corner is an elevator that Isis can take to get to the rope! How to get her there is to give her the commands: Forward - Right - Left - Right - Jump - Go. Go back up the ladder to the rope, and Isis (looking very cute) is waiting to help. Tap on the rope and Isis will grab hold. Now we have to go ALL the way back to the lodge and leave Isis alone to hold the rope. (Poor Isis) But you can't stop anywhere along the way, go right to the lodge and don't talk to anyone either. Go to the end of the hallways full of bedrooms. Look above the fire place, look in the mouth and grab the counter! If the mouth is closed that means you had stopped somewhere along the way and Isis quit holding the rope. So you have to go back and start again.

    Moose Token:
    Go to Yanni's room, the name is: Kalakala and look to the right of the door. There is a desk and a moose head above it. Push on the eye of the moose and a secret compartment opens! Take the token, look at the radio and turn the radio on. You can talk to Yanni about it if you want to.

    Raccoon Token:
    This one involves the color coded locks that are on every guests door. Here are the color's: Pish Pish is blue, Ollalie is Green, Eena is Red, Kalakala is Blue, Cinook is white and Kwel Kwel is Red. Then walk up and down the hallway until you see a raccoon picture on the wall, the eyes should be glowing green. Creepy. Push on it's nose and get the raccoon token.

    Wolf Token:
    Go to Trapper Dan's hut and look under his bed. Their should be something there that is an odd shaped red machine. A Geiger Counter. You need this to find the wolf token. And also, the wolf counter is NOT the hardest one to find like the journal says, the pig token is the hardest to find. Anyways, go to the basement of the lodge and look at the steps leading outside that Nancy won't go out from. Click on the geiger counter in your inventory. Then click on a step and there you should find the wolf token.

    Now that's not the hard part about the puzzle. After you have found all of the tokens, you need to flick all the switches in the maze, BUT Isis can't get through because their are red walls blocking the path. So You have to go back to the lodge and ask Bill Kessler, when he is alone, sleeping on the fox and geese game, he's alone around 3 or 4 pm. Ask him if you can play fox and geese with him, and also ask if you can use the pig token instead of the goose. Now you have to WIN fox and geese 4 TIMES until the red passages move out of the way. There is a trick thought. On Google type in: 'White Wolf of Icicle Creek Fox and Geese Game, arglefumph' if you don't know what arglefumph is, he is the most famous Nancy Drew walkthrough man ever on the internet. He has a foolproof way of winning fox and geese every time, it really works! Watch most of his video on how to win at fox and geese. He shows himself winning every time. Hope this helps! If not message me!


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