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Thread: Rearranging the number exhibit

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    Rearranging the number exhibit

    Can someone give me a spoiler on the order the numbers go in. In the number exhibit.

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    Is this the one with the audio you have to match? Or the mayan number one?
    are you calling us


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    the mayan number thing

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    Find Sonny's disk (if you haven't already). He's got a bunch of helpful notes for completing that puzzle.

    Here's some help in translating the glyphs to numbers, though:

    Quote Originally Posted by Bohemian View Post
    First off, this was really hard for me.... no worries.

    Do you know how to translate the hieroglyphics into actual numbers? If not, more research is needed.

    The pieces should be arranged in order from 0 through 19. The numbers are etched underneath the tiles to help you stay on track.

    Start with Zero, which goes in the top left corner. What was the description again?

    Zero looks like a "turtle shell without the turtle."

    Pick up that piece from the bottom right corner. Then click it on the top left block.

    The One will be either a single dot without any bars, or a picture of the god "huns."

    The block for the number 1 has a dot in the middle with 2 sideways turtle shells. Put it in the block to the right of the Zero block.

    Three should have 3 dots only, or it should be a picture of a god with a big five-fingered hat.

    There isn't a block with just 2 dots, so find the picture of the guy with the 5-pointed hat for the No. 3 spot. (If you haven't moved it, it should be in the bottom center.)

    Continue on to finish up the first row and then the second. The last two rows will take a little more math.


    francisco cervelli

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