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Thread: jessalyn's phone password

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    jessalyn's phone password

    I know that her password is in the epitaph graveyard hunt, and I just want a hint as how to do it. What I did was count the number of letters in for each person's description on their tombstone. I thought it was an anagram, but I'm getting nowhere!

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    12 I believe on the like scavenger hunt paper there is a list of people. Some of the people don't have exact names so you need to
    find out who those people are
    and you need to
    take the number next to the name, count the letters like you did and write those down in which will be a jumble but the password to the phone

    Just found a quote that may come in handy!

    Quote Originally Posted by tree5 View Post
    the first number is the number of word and the second is the number of letters. Get the letters and it is the password
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