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Thread: Old secret herinteractive project "MoM"

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    Old secret herinteractive project "MoM"

    I was just reading Robert Reidel's old tweets (I couldn't sleep so I thought I'd do a little ND research haha), and back in like 2010 he tweeted stuff about working on a super-secret side project for Herinteractive with the abbreviation "MoM." I thought maybe that was an abbreviation for "Music for Mysteries", but it sounded like it was a game that Robert Reidel was writing dialogue for among other things.

    Maybe this was LCC and they later changed the name?

    He also tweeted a "hint" about the secret project, and it was to a site that no longer exists, but the URL mentioned eye shadow o.O

    Anyone know what this was about? Maybe a project that never saw the light of day? It seems like Robert Riedel left the company not too long after.
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    Don't know who Robert Reidel is but MoM could be HeR's Mobile Mysteries Series, it was announced in 09/2010.

    The first one was based on Shadow Ranch.
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    Robert Riedel was their old CEO I think (correct me if I'm wrong)

    I actually think you're right that it stood for Mobile Mysteries

    And maybe his hint about eye shadow was because "eye shadow" sounds like "iSha" haha

    Ahh it all makes sense now. Thanks haha

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    I seem to recall that Robert Riedel was a pretty important person concerning the series' early development. I don't know if he was CEO, but I think that he was co-designer/writer for a lot of the earlier games. He has a blog somewhere on the internet that has some fascinating behind the scenes info on SCK, STFD, MHM, and TRT.

    I think that you guys are right about MoM being Mobile Mysteries. It makes a lot of sense, and the dates add up.
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    Robert Riedl was the Executive producer for many of HeR's older games. :)
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