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Thread: Poll: What's the best Nancy Drew game!!!!!

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    Poll: What's the best Nancy Drew game!!!!!

    Post your top 3 favorite nancy Drew game and Why .
    All the game were totally awesome but whats your fave.....

    I'll start :
    1. STFD - It was my first game and I look snooping at night
    2.DDI- I absolutely love this game, secret entrances, kayaking everything's sooooo cool about in. Yummy clam chowder too :p
    3. DOG- Fun looking for bugs.... jk , and one of hte scariest in my opinion

    Let me know yours :) :) :) :)
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    1-Danger on Deception Island: I loved the setting!!! That game was awesome I really enjoyed exploring seacaves. I also loved the Orca, it was beautiful!

    2.- Secret of Shadow Ranch: I love horses! The setting was really beautiful and I liked the music. This was a great game

    3.- Probably Treasure in the Royal Tower: I loved exploring the castle it was wonderful.

    I love the rest of the games, two bad I only had to choose one favorite game because for me, they all deserve the first place!!!!

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    1. Stay Tuned 4 danger~I love acting and the creative arts! :)
    2.Treasure in the royal tower~I loved the characters! :)
    3. umumum Message in the haunted massion~I rele actually likesd the chores lol! :)
    All the games were fun! :)
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    TRT:I just love the castle
    DDI:I liked going on the beach, going in the kayak and stuff.
    and i guess SSR was good too: I liked the fast ending and the more challenging in ways puzzles.

    P.S. That's in order too. And i loved all the games.
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