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Thread: Help installing stay tuned for danger

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    Help installing stay tuned for danger

    i recently bought several of these games. i have played them all with no problem. ( i bought the 5 disc boxed version) anyway.... when i try to install and play stay tuned for danger......the game will install and then at the end it will ask if i want to play the game i leave the option checked but then the game never starts nor is the game in my program files. its like the game dissappeared. it isn't even in program files nor listed in add and remove programs

    i am running windows xp sp 2 on a dell inspirion laptop. i have tried unibstalling the other 2 games i have on here and reinstalling STFD
    but same thing. none of the other games gave me any problems at all when i installed them.

    Is there maybe a patch i need for this or what????

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    Make sure you are also checking yes to install the Direct program. I'm sorry, I forget the exact name of it. If you don't have it installed, it probably won't work.

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    is it direct x that you are talking about? if it is then yes i have it installed. i have already played 3 of the 5 games that i have of nancy drew and this is the only one i have problems installing. and yes i have uninstalled other games and then installed STFD again but nothing is working

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    Originally posted by Gandalf
    sorry so long in getting back!, it matters imensly because STFD and SCK are not made to work on windows XP!

    Here is a soulution:
    you can change the "run in" mode on XP! heres how: click run on the start menue and "run" drive D. On the screen that tells you what is in your D drive (the game disk) there is a "setup" icon that I think you are using to install the game, THIS WILL NOT WORK! I have had the same problem and what you need to do is RIGHT CLICK on this icon and click properties, in the box that appears randomly click on tabs till you find one that brings up a screen that says somthing like "run in windows 98 mode" this will be grayed out and you have to click somthing to make it work. there is a pull down menu that you can now click and if it does not say "run in windows 98" then you need to select this from the list. cick apply and then re-instal the game the way you were before


    That should help! I had the very same problem!
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