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Thread: How do I disarm the bomb on monette's door?

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    How do I disarm the bomb on monette's door?

    How do I disarm the bomb on monette's door? Spoiler Please. I was given a code before that didn't work.
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    Green circle, Green square,
    Yellow circle, yellow circle,
    Green circle, blue circle, blue square,
    Yellow square, red triangle, red square,
    Green triangle, Blue triangle.

    From left to right on the chip, row across then down.
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    I do not have a spoiler bu here is a good hint you have to start at the top and follow the lines down and everything has tohave something in common so like say there is a blue circle at the top and then you have to put something that is either a circle or blue got it sorry I do not have a spoiler. If I helped it would be nice to give rep but you dont have too.

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