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Latest Update from HI

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  • Latest Update from HI

    Hello sleuths! This new forum is for discussing the new mobile app Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues (CNC). The first announcement about this new mystery is shared with you in our December Letter to the Fans on our site here. More updates and news will come, so stay tuned to our News page, and be sure to subscribe to our Newsletter.

    Stay sleuthy, Clue Crew!

    -The Her Interactive Team

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    Wow, ok, I just have to say, this is not what I expected as the app at ALL! However, I think it's a great idea! We've all theorized that HeR wants to break into the mobile market and get younger fans, but they know the loyal fans still want the classic point and click PC games, and I think this is a great way to incorporate all of that into HeR! I hope this doesn't take too much away from making ND games, however, I think it'll be good. It sounds like it'll be one game a year maybe for the regular game series and one mobile game a year, but even so that might mean they can spend a little more time developing the PC game really well so it'll be a great release every year! Thanks for the update HeR, I have to say I'm feeling slightly more optimistic, but I can't wait to hear what other fans on the boards have to say!
    To the message boards: When I think of this place, I think of the many wonderful memories and friends that I made here as a young teen (some of which I have to this day!). I would just like to say thank you to everyone who made this place special and added so much joy to my life. From alternate endings, to entertaining message board games, to picking through the details of every game, to being so excited when a new game was released, to speculating if MID would ever come out, and of course to the time where so many of us sleuthed every inch of CRE to find that darn (fake) easter egg , I have had so much fun here and made so many memories. The boards may be all but dead but I will forever cherish this place, even if I never return to it. Thank you to you all

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      Thank you, thank you, thank you for the update! This is what we have all (somewhat unpatiently)been waiting for. I agree with everything Ndfan1234 said, and now I will be looking forward to everything to come. Thank you Her!
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        I think it's really awesome that Her is empowering young girls to get into coding, but the info about MID is vague so I'm still worried about the future of it. Although I'm glad we finally got an update


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          Great newsletter, thanks! It was nice to receive some news. I've been looking forward to new games since I was done playing SEA (although I'm looking forward to replaying it this Christmas time since it was a little holiday-ish)

          I have two girls so I'm excited about the new line of kids' games. However I do wish they would run on Windows 10!

          I'm looking forward to seeing what MID, and Unity, will be like. Eagerly waiting for the release next year!


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            Really? It's going to be a mobile ap? So much for playing that.

            Yep, some of actually DO NOT play games on our phones. Please make a PC version.


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              Originally posted by Mydogtogo View Post
              Really? It's going to be a mobile ap? So much for playing that.

              Yep, some of actually DO NOT play games on our phones. Please make a PC version.
              Codes & Clues is the mobile app. MID is still going to be for PC games. HER is not planning to stop making PC games, don't worry!