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Codes & Clues for free? *moved to correct board* - Sr.D

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  • Codes & Clues for free? *moved to correct board* - Sr.D

    So according to an app I have that tells me about sales in the Android marketplace, since 2 days ago, Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues has been free. You can actually get the app right now.. for free...

    I spent $3.99 for mine (which I didn't even finish), and now... it's free? Geez Louise, it might just be a temporary sale that I happened to miss out on, but even so, my money better be going towards an amazing Midnight in Salem. I sat by this whole time watching people complain, while I seethed silently in a corner.. not happy about this whole situation but keeping my mouth shut because I was giving them the benefit of the doubt, and now I feel the need to at least let everyone know that my money is going towards an awesome MID. Right? ...Right?!

    Ugh. Of course I'll "Stay tuned and stay sluethy" waiting for this game, but even when/if it does come out, I will not jump on it the first chance I get like past ND games (and Codes & Clues) because I want to know if my money is even worth it anymore.

    I said at one point that this company's games were unique, which I thought gave them a competitive advantage, but now, adventure games have made a huge comeback on Steam and I'm finding more options now, even with my motion sickness. This delay is not what's ruining this company. It's the lack of communication! I don't see why this company will not provide some sort of proof that they're working on MID. Each time you choose to ignore a complaint or respond with a souless "Stay tuned and stay sluethy", you're digging a larger hole.

    And for those who think "they don't owe you anything", think again. If they want my money, they will have to earn it. Not with the final product, but with more transparency. I don't trust HER anymore. Please, help me trust you!

    P.S. Since Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues is currently free, you all might as well take advantage and see if you like it. I didn't because it's definitely for a younger age group, but see if your kids and friend's kids and their friend's kids like it. Maybe then, the app will be $3.99 again and the company will earn more money towards MID? I don't know how they're allocating their money, but I just want MID. I. Just. Want. MID.

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    They only made Chapter 1 free and then the rest of the game has to be bought. They must be desperate for sales. Maybe they should make a product that is actually worth buying.