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Shipping Information/Cost - Look here first:

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  • Shipping Information/Cost - Look here first:

    Just wanted to get your attention as far as games and orders and shipping goes.

    I know we are ALL extremely excited about the release of the new game, however, please do NOT post questions regarding the shipping of your games. Why? Because it is not a message board question. It is a game shipment question and all the information you need is provided to you in your new online store account or emails you receive confirming your orders. It just takes patience and a few days to get that information.

    We moderators and members do not have access to your private account. We don't know what shipping method you chose. It is up to you and your parents to figure this out based on the information given to you confirming your orders. Do be sure to refer to the new online store account/order information. It clearly states on the home page that if you have problems - to call them directly.

    1) You place your order and can track it from the new online store. (Information - courtesy of PhantomHorse) When you are signed in to your account, click on "view" to view your order. Underneath "Order Information" It will say Order #(you order number here) Shipped UPS Tracking Number: (your tracking number here). You will have to go to UPS's website yourself and type in the tracking number. Check at the bottom of that page to see if it has been shipped. If it hasn't been shipped there won't be a tracking number.

    2) What happens next is your order has been 'processed'. What does that mean? Well it means your request for the product has been met - it's been packaged, addressed, and sent to be picked up for shipment. Shipping companies USUALLY pick up deliveries on a daily basis, M-F during normal business hours. As was stated when you purchased your games - if you order AFTER 12PM M-F (pacific time), it will not go out for shipment until the next day.

    3) Once the shipping company receives your package - it assigns a tracking number and you are given that tracking number. Again, we don't see that information - only you do - so please read it and utilize the information given to you. Also, do the math. If you chose 3-5 day shipping - add 3-5 days to that date (look for the shipping companies business days/hours) and take into consideration weekend days. It's not that hard to figure out within a day or two, when you will receive your games.

    Questions being asked:
    Q: When will the game be in stores?
    A: We can't tell you that. We don't work for the stores. We don't control when they decide or IF they decide to stock their shelves. Please call the stores in your area.

    Q: Where do I track my order?
    A: That information can be accessed from the new online store account you set up. IF it has been shipped, then you would go to the shipping companies website and use the tracking number that was sent to you.

    Q: How much does shipping cost?
    A: UPS 3rd day - $7.95 (3 days)
    UPS ground - $4.95 (5-7 days)
    UPS Next Day - $25.00

    Q: What does back ordered mean?
    A: Generally speaking the term "back ordered" means that the company may have run out of stock on a particular game and needs to produce more copies to fill orders coming in. Do not panic. It just means a possible delay in getting the game to you and you will receive an email or update to your online store account with a date that you can expect your game to be shipped. From that date is when you would check out the shipping companies information or tracking number to see when your game will arrive.

    Again - threads of this type may or may not be removed, so don't be surprised if yours is.
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