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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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    Generous Seven

    I'm going to be nice and give this game a seven. It's not the best.

    Switching from character to character (only through Nancy) got really old. I also prefer to spend most of the game playing as Nancy. Character switching was fine in Legend of the Crystal Skull, but for this game it didn't work.

    The graphics were amazing. The settings were all beautiful and most of the characters looked great. I really loved Toni's facial expressions throughout the game. I do think that HER is focusing too much on making the game look pretty rather than play amazing.

    The storyline was decent. I enjoyed how it took place in Nancy's home town. Just when you think you know who the culprit is another curve ball is thrown.

    The game was way to short. Reading countless reviews for many of the past games, I don't understand why you don't take a hint and make the games longer. I've spent hundreds of dollars on Nancy Drew games over the years (I own ALL of them!) and I'm starting to feel like I'm wasting my money.

    The puzzles were less than amazing. There were very few of them. While I do enjoy snooping, I like puzzles. They make the game worthwhile.

    Like I said, I'm being generous and giving this game a seven.


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      8/10. The thing that really annoyed me is switching. Personally, I rather play as Nancy the whole time instead of switching! However.. I guess everything else was cool. 8/10. Not bad!
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        I gave this game a 9. I really liked it! The best parts were the aesthetic improvements, fun puzzles, and also that the culprit wasn't made obvious. I do wish there were more places to visit and explore though. Very small world in this game. Switching characters was a hassle but made sense in the reality of the plot.

        Anyone else think Toni resembled Sarah Palin? ;)

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          Game Review

          I gave this game an 8. It was a lot different than any of HER's other games and that can be seen as a good thing and a bad thing. Instead of puzzles, it was more real detective work with fingerprints, alibis, and collecting samples, ect. There was a lot of snooping too, nancy's so nosy! Some people will like this and others like me enjoy more logic and puzzles. However, I did like the fact it was in River Heights and you saw Ned, Bess, and George. The plot was really good with a good beg and end but like others have said the game turned out to be really short. The scenery was pretty. But, switching characters, which I thought was going to be really cool, turned out to be annoying after awhile. Overall, this game is what you take it to be.
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            I gave the game an eight. I like how you get to snoop around, and talk more. But for me, the I LOVE how the games have lots of puzzles. It wasn't long enough in my opinion, and not enough puzzles. But the plot and characters were great!
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              I fondly gave it an eight. Sure, it wasn't their best work, but it was still pretty solid.
              Interesting plot and character work, although it was too short. The puzzles were enjoyable and rather nice, but there should have been more; especially ones that stimulated you mentally. Although there weren't many puzzles, I definitely enjoyed the more investigative detective-like snooping with lock-picking, fingerprinting, etc.
              The soundtrack was light and nice and fit the idea of River Heights.

              I personally enjoyed the character switching; I have always loved playing as Nancy (whether it be virtually or for amusement in reality, haha), but I did like the idea of playing betwixt Bess, George, and Ned. Although it did get annoying at times--especially when you wanted to do a certain thing and needed something that another character had, but had to go through Nance to do it.
              I feel like the character's actions and dialogue were pretty well thought out, as each depended on their relations with the respective person in question. Which, in turn, made it rather intriguing! The characters fit with what I had imagined whilst reading the books.
              I must admit, despite the slight disappointment of not seeing Ned animated, I am happy they didn't throw him in.

              River Heights was swell in lay out and the locations that were searchable/playable. Hopefully HER will one day bring us back to RH to expand on the town more (for more places to interact in), as I really liked playing here!
              The Drew house was perfection, but I wish we could have explored some more of it. It definitely fit in with the idea I had in mind for them.

              You think you know the culprit (or at least I thought I did), but there's a curve-ball as things are revealed throughout gameplay. Despite the lack of gameplay length, it was all in all a pretty good game for me.


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                generously gave it a 6. i didn't love this game. i liked it but not love. character switch through nancy was a bit annoying. the storyline wasnt spooky, it was kind of bleh, and i wasnt a big fan of the riverheights setting. plus Alexei looked weird and you knew who the culprit was before the end. of all the ones ive done, this is my least favorite
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                  I think there could have been a lot more to this game. I didn't mind the character switching like most people. But maybe next time make it an option to switch between the characters (like Ned and Bess) instead of having to go back to Nancy to switch. It just wastes a lot of time. I wish there were more things to do it seemed kind of short, I like being able to walk around a lot when I play the games and this game you don't really "walk" around. The visuals are great as usual, they get better with every game. Character mannerisms fit really well with what they were doing while talking.

                  I'm giving this game a 5/10, it coulda been better :/

                  Looking forward to the next game!


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                    A little too short

                    As the title says: I found it quite short. It could have been because I completed it quickly but I never finish a game that fast...

                    Also, switching between characters: I would have liked to have had the option to switch characters by calling each other instead of always having to go through Nancy. For example: George could call Ned and switch.

                    The villain was had a great character and background. I really liked how the animation of the character matched the context of what was happening and the voice actress voiced it pretty much perfectly :3

                    The puzzles could have been a bit more challenging... A lot of them I got on the first try and in only a few steps.

                    Also, getting into the burnt building to investigate....
                    it should have been much harder than just walking around the corner, pulling some stuff under the window and climbing in....
                    It should have at least had some sneaking around the cops....

                    Other than that, I give it a 5. It could have been much more challenging. Maybe it's because I'm getting older. I don't know.

                    I did like seeing Nancy's house though ;) Awesome design and layout.

                    Favorite character? (besides Nancy, of course) Deidre XD She was amusing :3
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                      Overall I rated this game a 9 :)
                      Despite what other people are saying, I absolutely LOVED this game!! I loved seeing, or at least talking to on the phone, all of the characters you read about in the books. I thought the plot was great and I loved all of the settings - especially Nancy's house! I especially loved the whole crime scene investigation stuff that you have to do, like collecting fingerprints.
                      I only have 2 complaints about this game: 1) it was too short; it only took me around 2 days to finish and I prefer games that take me around 4 or 5 days and 2)Why would they change what Bess and George looked like RAN??; I mean, they weren't perfect duplications from the book in RAN but that doesn't mean that they should completely change a character's appearance from game to game.
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                        I thought that this was a good game - in and of itself - but not the best. I did like the work/effort that Her Interactive put into creating/designing Nancy's home and the characters.(Fabulous work, Her Interactive!). I agree with Rianna's review.
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                          I think this game is a 7.5. I loved it many ways but was not as crazy about the ending.
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                            I gave this game a VeRY low score because of the plot. It was so dry! Also, switching from person to person was such a hassle! I also guessed the culprit just from the charater profiles!! I didn't finish the game because I was so board with it. I just read a walkthough to see if I was right. Not good, HeR, not good at all...

                            On a more positive note, the next one looks exciting!!
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                              Originally posted by mysticaldim View Post

                              So disappointed. The culprit was obvious and there aren't enough games with mental stimulation. I felt no anxiety (which is only good to feel in the ND games). The length was cut too short. For some reason, the playing quality has diminished to a tiny particle.
                              I remember games full of history and lore to learn about. I always finished the games with a sense of fulfillment in terms of knowledge and intrigue about other cultures/traditions/languages. What has happened?

                              I feel as though the younger generations of ND players are being introduced to empty games which basically consist to things to do rather than things to figure out (i.e. walking around talking to people and solving simple rather than intricate mind tingling puzzles, and finishing a game just to be able to say you got to the end). I used to tell all my friends about the things I learned and read. It was like a whole other world that existed to only me and it was wonderful. The games are empty lately. I wish to have those amazing games back.
                              Positive aspect? My ND game collection is complete.

                              I completely agree.


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                                Yeesh! Some people did not like this game. I thought it was fine and gave it a 9. It was actually a nice change. I would not want another one like it, but some of you guys are being really harsh. My only major dislike was George's appearance. She looked WAAYYY better in RAN. She looked really fake in this one, and so did Nancy's silohuette.
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