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Phew- Just finished it..My ASH review

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  • Phew- Just finished it..My ASH review

    I'll try to keep this relatively short & won't give anything important away:

    Plot: Really enjoyed it, I thought the storyline was different to other ND games and unlike some previous games this one kept me hooked.

    Characters: Loved everyone! I was a bit wary of how Bess and George would be, but I thought they did a great job with them. After all the talk on the forums of what would Bess' appearance be like, I thought she looked just like she should (especially there's one end shot of her and George and she definitely looks 'plumper' than her cousin), she looks perfect.

    As for the other characters, I very much enjoyed how varied they all were. The mannerisms, the intonation of their speech, etc. were all really well done ( I felt sadness for some, anger at others, and pure 'rolls eyes' at others- I'll leave you all to figure out which ones I felt what for!).

    Puzzles: I thought that the ones we had were good, although maybe still a little scarce in the quantity department. But I will say that with so much other stuff going on it didn't feel lacking as some other games. In terms of difficulty, I played on Junior my first go at it and they were easy (ie. I didn't go crazy for hours or have to look for walkthroughs online).

    Other: I liked the driving system this time around- although my map would go a bit fuzzy after zooming out from a location we could go to but not investigate (it was only for a second each time, so no big deal). Another thing is that after collecting tons of info on the journal my cell would take a bit to back out.

    I enjoyed the switching through characters, I'm already plotting to play again and try different suspects/activities with other characters when possible. The only downside was having to call Nancy in between (ie. I couldn't pass from Bess to Ned but had to call Nancy and then she would call the next one), I found myself calling Nancy alot just to pass the case to other characters that still had outstanding duties.

    All in all I'd probably give the game an 8/10 maybe a 9/10 (hopefully at senior some of the puzzles will be more challenging). Very enjoyable game and I can't wait to go through it again!

    Hope I haven't missed much- feel free to ask me questions (but if it's spoilers then please tell me how to make them invisible on the thread- not sure how to do that yet)

    Oh, one more thing: Loved the trailer at the end!

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    Originally posted by tinydancer114 View Post

    Hope I haven't missed much- feel free to ask me questions (but if it's spoilers then please tell me how to make them invisible on the thread- not sure how to do that yet)
    Please note that the description for this board states "NO spoilers." As for how to do spoiler code, that is a question for the Message Board Questions board, but the directions are in the FAQ/New Members Resource sticky and in a sticky on every Hints and Tips board.
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      Great review!