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Alibi In Ashes Spoiler-free review!!

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  • Alibi In Ashes Spoiler-free review!!

    Here's our review of ASH! Spoiler Free!!

    Plot: Although the concept was simple:Nancy getting framed for the town hall fire- it got more complex as it went on. Nancy being thrown into jail and having to solve a majority of the case being locked in the police department by having friends do the detective work. It was totally different experience from what we are use to. Even though a lot of the detective work was done by her friends, Nancy still was very much involved so no complaints there. It keeps you interested from start to finish and keeps you wanting to play non-stop!

    Setting: River Heights was potrayed very well and we think they really got it right here! We especially loved Nancy's house(which was beautiful!) and Scoop(Eating ice cream was the best) . Her house was just perfect and seemed like the place Nancy would live. River Heights was awesome to explore and drive around.

    Characters: The characters in this game all had interesting background storys that made them interesting and fun to talk to (Especially Alexi!). Each of them had something to contribute to the overall case of the fire so no one was left out.

    Puzzles: Puzzles in this game were a little lacking. Although the puzzels that were in the game were good, there weren't that many puzzels that really stumped you and had you think extra hard to solve it. That was our only real complaint.

    This game had a ton of snooping! No one was left out-everyone got their stuff looked through/searched at some point in the game. Even Bess, George and Ned got in on the snooping, Snooping is always a favorite of ours in games and this game has got it!

    Graphics: Woah.. were we the only ones that when first seeing Bess were suprised? Even though Bess and George changed from what they looked like in Ranson of the Seven Ships, it wasn't a bad change at all (even though George did look a little odd at first). Toni looked very very life like and it was really cool seeing that. (kinda like Sarah Palin a little.....)

    Culprit: Everyone in this game was set up to have a motive for starting the fire. No one was left out. Any one of them could have been behind it. So, it was not obvious from the start at all and it had you guessing the whole game.

    Music: As always, the music is one of our favorite parts of the games and ASH is no exception!!

    Length: The game was a normal lengthed one. It was proably similar in length to a game like RAN or CRY.

    Overall: Overall we think this game is an 8/10. We think everyone will really enjoy this game a lot and will be very pleased on how River Heights turned out. We were not dissapointed one bit!!
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    Very nice review! :D
    I can't wait to play! These reviews have me insanely hyped up!

    Glad you enjoyed the game! :)
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      Makes me even more excited to play! Great review!
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        Thanks!! The wait is the best/worst part of a game! Hope you like it as much if not more than we did!!
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