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Alibi in Ashes:Pro and Con Review

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  • oceanxatlantic
    I completely agree. I've been very upset with the length of the past two games, that's been the biggest issue for me. They're usually short with dissapointing, abrupt endings.

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  • two_nancy_drews
    We agree with you completely. Very good review!!

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  • pinkpanther5
    started a topic Alibi in Ashes:Pro and Con Review

    Alibi in Ashes:Pro and Con Review

    My Pro and Con Review

    *Incredible graphics(i think the best yet)
    *I thought the characters were all interesting
    *The town was just how I pictured it
    *Music was awesome
    *Nancy's house was so cute. I absolutely loved it. It was perfect.
    * They didn't show Ned. At first I was disappointed but then I thought actually I see why they didn't, I mean everyone has there one picture of what he looks like and it would be hard to please everyone.

    *The game was way to short
    *The ending was disappointing for me. It was not hard and it wasn't unique either. Its been done so many times before.
    *There was no intense or scary scenes. It doesn't have to be as scary as SAW but what makes a game good is when your heart starts pounding and the scene is intense. I just didn't get that from this game
    * It was a little too easy and trust me im not one for those impossible puzzles but there was a lack of challenge
    *Playing as four characters wasn't horrible but sometimes it was confusing
    * There was nothing about ned and nancy's
    relationship or any of that drama and i kinda
    wanted to see that


    Sigh....well reading some of the other reviews it looks
    like im one of the only ones who didn't exactly love this game.
    Maybe my hopes were to high or maybe I'm just to picky.
    This game wasn't awful but for the 25th edition I
    guess i was excepting to be like WOW that was like the best game. Anyways wasn't the best(for me of course this i just my opinion)

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