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  • Fair ASH Review

    Never done one of these before but figured I'd review ASH.
    I wasn't a huge fan of the premise of the game when I heard about it, but I actually really loved it. But there were some things I didn't enjoy.

    What I liked:

    Plot 5/5: The plot was great! Unique to a Nancy Drew game with its arson mystery and for Nancy being framed. For once, it is Nancy who is looked at with suspicion. And she has to prove her innocence.

    Characters 4/5: The characters were also really good. My favorite was probably Deirdre, with her snarky comments. Alexi was also a good character-sort of tragic and very funny when you meet him as Bess. I don't think he was as involved in the plot as he could have been. Similarly, we didn't get to see much of Chief Mcginnis, either. Although his phone conversation with a rookie was pretty funny. Toni and Brenda were very involved characters, each with their own unique mannerisms. Also, all of the characters were very well animated.

    Setting 4/5: River Heights is such a cute town! Although you don't get to go to many locations, I still loved the setting. Also, there's a house called "Fenley Place," which was pretty cool since there's a whole ND book that revolves around it.

    Beginning of Game 5/5: It was very suspensful and exciting. The aftermath was also very good.

    What I Didn't Love

    Switching between characters: I really enjoyed playing as Bess and George. And I guess Ned. But the switching drove me nuts! You have to call Nancy to switch characters, and it was very cumbersome. Too much switching!!

    Stuck: It's kind of easy to get stuck in this game, just look at the hints and tips board! I spent an hour in the beginning of the game before some people on the boards helpfully told me what I was missing.

    Length: This game was short! Usually a ND game takes me 2 days. This took me about 6 hours. And 1 hour was wasted trying to figure out what to do. It's not as short as Creature of Kapu Cave, but I was hoping for a longer game. Once Nancy takes over later on, she doesn't get much to do.

    Odds and Ends

    Phone Characters: You get to call Carson, and Hannah and Togo get a few mentions. I think the Hardy Boys should have been phone friends, though.

    Snooping: Snoopers rejoice because this game has lots of snooping! That was enjoyable, although I never got caught by anyone, making it not so suspensful.

    ASH is a fun game, but the length and cumbersome switching really disappointed me. I think SAW is still my favorite recent game. The next game looks great, as a side note.

    If there's any questions, I'd be happy to answer them.
    I know that Secrets Can Kill.
    I have read the Message in the Haunted Mansion.
    I have found the Treasure in the Royal Tower.
    I have seen the Final Scene.
    I know the Secret of the Scarlet Hand.
    I have seen the Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake.
    I have ridden the Haunted Carousel.
    I know the Danger on Deception Island.
    I know the Secret of Shadow Ranch.
    I know the Curse of Blackmoor Manor.
    I know the Secret of the Old Clock.
    I have ridden the Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon.
    I know the Danger by Design.
    I have seen the Creature of Kapu Cave.
    I have seen the White Wolf of Icicle Creek.
    I know the Legend of the Crystal Skull.
    I have unmasked the Phantom of Venice.
    I have read the Warnings at Waverly Academy.
    I have followed the Trail of the Twister.
    I know that Secrets Can still Kill.
    I have seen the Shadow at Water's Edge!

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    Well done, first review.
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