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  • RockUrSox ASH Review

    Hello everyone! RockUrSox is back with yet another HeR game review. This time for Alibi in Ashes.

    Personally, I thought the plot was alright. Nancy getting framed for a crime she didn't commit? It sounds pretty cool to me. I mean, compared to other Nancy Drew game's plots, this one is pretty good. When it comes to plots, HeR usually falls short. Let's see what HeR can come up with in future games.

    This game is set in Nancy's beloved hometown, River Heights. The setting was hm, okay. Just okay. Based on the game, for me, River Heights is a boring, perfect little town. Not very special. I'm glad HeR finally did a case in River Heights like everyone wanted (including me!), but what's the point if there's really nothing special about it? My definition of River Heights: cliché storybook town.

    As for the time of day the game took place, I liked it. Switching days around in these types of games confuses me a little. I like it when you don't have to worry about it. And I know it's not realistic to solve a whole case in one day, but come on guys, it also isn't realistic to solve a case in just a few days like Nancy does sometimes. It's a game, and pretty much impossible to be completely realistic.

    I liked the characters in this game. I especially liked how all the characters had their own motive, at least a motive big enough to burn down town hall. Now let's go through the characters:
    Deirdre: Okay, she has to be one of my favorite characters! She has so much personalty, I just absolutely love it! And her crush for Ned!? Yes!
    Toni: Hm, more like the opposite of Deirdre: no personalty. She was pretty confusing too. Is she nice? Is she mean? Don't know. Just an overall confusing person...
    Brenda: I liked Brenda. You know, those TV reporters who will do anything for a good story? Yep, that's her, and I absolutely loved it! I don't know why I like her so much. Maybe it's because there's so many of her in the world!
    Alexi: Okay, I absolutely loved Alexi, and I bet a lot of people will agree with me. He was just so cool and different! So cool, I can forgive him for being a grumpy old guy.

    Um, not very many puzzles. I'm kind of disappointed HeR. But I thought the puzzles that were there were pretty easy, which is surprising to me because usually I have trouble with puzzles in these games. Hm, well I guess that's it.

    Terrible, terrible, terrible. Omigosh, the switching between the characters, absolutely horrible. That actually probably made this one of the most annoying ND games for me. Maybe I would've been okay with it if it was just Nancy and Ned, or if Nancy's friends could call eachother and switch that way, but no, Nancy controls it all. Sigh, nothing more to report...

    Yes HeR! Graphics. were. great! Kudos to the people in charge of that area. What I really liked was the background. I could tell this game would have good graphics right form the start in Nancy's room. It looked so cool, I just loved it. The characters looked great too. I know you can only go so far with how realistic characters look in these types of games, and i think HeR did a fantastic job. Keep up the good work!

    Game Length
    Personally, I thought this game had a decent length. But then again I really took my time playing, spanning out the time I played it, so I might just think it lasted a while. This probably isn't accurate but:

    Overall, this was a pretty annoying and boring game. I was excited for it because it was "the 25th game! The best one yet!" But, unfortunately, it wasn't even close for me. Even though this is a pretty negative review in some places, this isn't the worst game I've ever played.

    Come on HeR! Satisfy your fans! I believe in you!!!

    Overall, I rate this game

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    I think your rating is pretty fair. I agree that it wasn't the worst game in the series, but it also could've been better :) Great review!