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ASH review, from someone who likes the horror genre

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  • ASH review, from someone who likes the horror genre

    It's up to you, Nancy Drew...
    From someone who likes the horror genre

    I put off getting this game for a long time because it just really didn't look that scary to me. It gave off the same sort of vibe as Secret of the Old Clock for some reason. Nevertheless, I did end up playing it, and so here is my review:

    Technical issues: Absolutely no problems for me, playing this on Vista. No crashing and no animation glitches. Awesome!

    Setting: Ugh. Okay, I know it's in Nancy Drew's hometown, and that should be interesting, right? But to me... it just wasn't. The whole town, literally every area you could go in (besides one place near the end, which still wasn't too impressive...) was very bright and cheery. It definitely didn't work towards any sort of intimidating atmosphere.

    Music: The music for this sounded very slow, sometimes even comforting and... Irish?! I don't know what went on there. Even if there may have been 1 or 2 "sad" tracks, none of the music was especially creepy. None of it made me feel like I had to hurry up or that Nancy/Ned/Bess/George was actually in any sort of danger.

    Puzzles: The puzzles seemed very easy for this game, besides maybe two or three that made me keep flipping to the instructions and going, "huh?" I found them very enjoyable and they at least fit in with the idea of a relaxed game, but they're not the best out there or anything.

    Characters: Let's see... Brenda, the reporter, seemed really weird and ruthless for just some random reporter. Deirdre also seemed really oddly mean for no reason. Alexei was a little more complex, but not really... Toni too, but the most interesting thing I remember about her was that her hair looked so real. It was hypnotizing.

    Plot: The plot is finding out who the real arsonist is, and getting enough evidence to convince the police to let you out. You also find out more about each of the characters. It was pretty straightforward... there weren't really a lot of twists. It was predictable (at least, for a Nancy Drew game. Don't get me wrong, I literally never know who the culprit is during the first half of the game.)

    Cheesiness: It wasn't cheesy, it was cheery. I guess you could say it was cheesy in that it was very formulaic. It reminded me very much of some kind of classic mystery where there are an arbitrary number of suspects and all you do is figure out who the criminal is.

    Deaths: Dying is actually kind of easy to avoid in this game, so I had to look up the deaths online. Most of them are getting caught snooping or clicking on an area you're not supposed to go in. There is only one lethal "death." So... yeah. There isn't much to say about the deaths for this one.

    Overall, how fun it was: It was... okay. It wasn't especially funny, but it wasn't dark and scary, either. It was kind of interesting solving some of the puzzles but the plot wasn't really enough to keep me interested. I just figured if I kept doing it I would be done with it soon enough.

    Overall, how scary it was: Not at all. There is basically no tension in this game. The music isn't scary, the setting isn't scary, the ideas aren't scary, the culprit isn't scary. If you are my complete opposite, this would be a fantastic game for you.

    Here's a quick rundown of the review:
    Technical issues: 5/5. No problems whatsoever!
    Setting: 1/5. Sorry, but... this is the least creepy setting I've seen in a Nancy Drew game yet.
    Music: 2/5. Too placid and randomly Irish.
    Puzzles: 4/5. Mostly enjoyable and easy.
    Characters: 3/5. The characters were just kind of there. They were... ok...
    Plot: 2/5. Too predictable.
    Cheesiness: 3/5. It fits an outdated formula.
    Deaths: 1/5. Very boring deaths that are easy to avoid.
    Fun factor: 3/5. Entertaining, but not involving.
    Scare factor: 1/5. This game is never even the least bit scary.
    TOTAL SCORE: 25/50. That's 50%. This would be a really great game for someone who really hates horror movies and games, or for a younger player, because it's not too difficult and not very stressful or scary. If you're like me, though, I'd advise you not to get this game, unless you find it at a very good discount. Also, if you're reading this and have played the game, did the item dropoff kind of remind you of the vanishing cabinet that Draco uses in Harry Potter? You just put stuff in there and it shows up in the other box. How does it work?
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    Great review! I agree with most things you said, except the character section is for CAP???
    And it looks like your fixing that now, with the um... text missing lol.
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      Hey, loved your previous reviews, so I checked this one out! Um, anyway, super helpful for someone like me who hasn't played the game yet and is wondering if it's worth playing. Probably not gonna play it unless I get it as a gift or something. Thanks for the review, very helpful! :3
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        Very well thought out review.

        The whole drop stuff in the box thing is just what it is..dropping it in the box haha. I mean I don't really know what was confusing about that..

        The scaryness well I'm sorry but Arson cases aren't meant to be scary. Maybe a little bit in the beginning of trying to get out sure but it's not a scary story because it wasn't meant to be. The culprits reasoning was a little messed up and the fact that they framed Nancy..well yeah that was messed up as well but it's not meant to be scary haha. I mean I love scary stuff too but it gets kind of old when all we have is scary games. They have to have some variety!

        Great review though :)

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          I haven't played yet but I had to comment. Brenda is a character that is in the ND files series. From how you describe her she sounds spot on like the books. :)
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            Great review! Its really honest and I agree with most things you said.
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