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    Hello, everyone! This is my review of Alibi In Ashes. Please enjoy!


    - Nancy has recently been charged with the arson of the old town hall in River Heights. You, along with Bess, George, and Ned, must prove her innocence and discover who the real culprit is. Along the way, you must search for clues and question suspects while trying to piece together enough evidence to get Nancy out of jail! I really enjoyed this aspect of the game, and really felt like it was a unique addition to the series...


    - Deirdre Shannon: She was a very fun, lovable character and, although she could be a little rude at some points in the game, it was always in a good-natured way. I thought the addition of her character into the game was a clever move, as she is supposed to be Nancy's "nemesis" from her younger, school years. I thought it was really neat how she interacted differently with the other characters, depending on who you were playing at the time. For example, if you were playing as Bess or George, she would have her normal attitude during all of their conversations. But if you played as Ned, she would be really sweet and friendly...

    -Alexei Markovic: This character is the owner of a local antique store. He is a troubled man who tends to lash out at people when questioned or disturbed in any way. But despite his temper, he really is a nice guy and wants to see justice done. I really enjoyed the depth to this character, and how believable his personality was to the player. Also, his backstory was very well thought out as well. He's one of those people we want to dislike, but can't help loving anyway...

    -Toni Scallari: A local politician, she is also the owner of Scoop, an ice cream shop in the middle of town. She is very outgoing, and not afraid to speak her mind. Although she can get a bit testy at times, she is very concerned about her political campaign, as well as her public image, and won't let anything stand in her way...

    -Brenda Carlton: A very quirky character, she is a local news reporter who always has the latest scoop on everyone and everything. She knows everything that goes on in the small town, and is always the first to the scene of a new story. I thought she was very believable, and had the look and sound of a true news anchorwoman. Because of these factors, I believe she was my favorite character in the game. She was so different from any of the other characters in the other games, and had very well developed dialogue as well...


    - When I first saw that this game was going to take place in River Heights (Nancy's hometown), I was really excited. There are only about three or four places where you can actually poke around and explore. The rest of the town is only there for "decoration". I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed by the lack of places to explore. But only a little, as the other locations were really well done. The attention to detail was very impressive, in my opinion. I also really liked that it had a small-town feel to all of it's buildings and locations. Very charming...


    - I didn't really hear very much of the music (I must not have paid very close attention), but what I heard was very cool. Dramatic and suspenseful, it really added to the atmosphere of the game. After a while (especially if it takes you a while to complete these games) it got kind of repetitive, but that's my only complaint...


    - I think there were a good amount of puzzles/riddles spread throughout the game. Not so many that it got overwhelming, but just enough that it never let us off too easily. Also, many of them were unique to this game, ones that I've never seen in other scenarios. This gave a fresh feel to the puzzles, making them more intriguing and rewarding to complete...


    - The ending was a complete surprise for me, which I greatly enjoyed. The culprit was not easy to pinpoint, as every suspect had reasonable motive and opportunity. It could have turned out to be any one of the characters. This added a level of suspense to the end, as you begin to unravel the mystery and it becomes clear who the culprit was...


    - Overall, I really enjoyed this game, and it has quickly become one of my favorites. Because of the unique setting and gameplay, I highly recommend buying this installment. It has proven to be a fantastic addition to the Nancy Drew series!

    Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this review!
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