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Congratulations HerInteractive on 25 Games!

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  • Congratulations HerInteractive on 25 Games!

    The game itself was very different from the others. They introduced the idea of switching from character to character in RAN if I remember correctly. I liked how you had the option to switch between Nancy & her three friends in this game. However, I recommend using one character for most tasks unless Nancy says otherwise, so you don't get confused as to who has what in their backpack.
    The opening of the game was very exciting and different, with her automatically being targeted.
    The puzzles were of easy/medium difficulty which was okay. I like all of them to be medium, but that's just me being picky.
    The characters were really good. All of them had different important backgrounds and all were extremely unique. I have to admit, I have never liked George. She's just very bleh.
    I liked that you didn't have to drive yourself from place to place like you do in RAN and TOT. However, I wish HerInteractive would've done one of two things:
    1) Made the only available spots on the map those that you could visit.
    2)Made all of the spots on the map available to visit, even if they were unnecessary to the game (yes, I understand this would require many more graphics).
    They completely threw me off with the culprit and I feel they didn't have enough evidence stacked against them.
    I do hope two of these characters will make reappearances in future games (I will not say who so as to not spoil the culprit, but it's pretty obvious once you play).
    I wish we got to see Hannah or Carson, but once again that's just me being picky.
    All in all, it was a good game and I loved that they brought Nancy home for the 25th.
    I've been playing for 12 years now and doubt I'll ever stop. Looking forward to the 50th!
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