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Watch out for the emotional ride of ASH

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  • Watch out for the emotional ride of ASH

    I heard mixed reviews regarding ASH, but since we rarely get to play in River Heights I felt it was my duty to Nancy to give it a try. It was so great to be back in Nancy's home town and see her home. These mystery take Nancy all over the world so it was nice to have a hometown mystery where there was no language barrier or weird legends.
    The big draw to this game is that Nancy is in jail and solving the Mystery falls to Bess George and Ned, which is so cool. Seeing all their different personalities was a great way to get involved in the sleuthing. It was also cool how some characters were more open depending on who was asking, this meant that you had to switch characters a lot. I didn't mind having to call Nancy every time I wanted to change because it kept Nancy involved and it had an old school feel to it.
    I liked how they didn't go super elaborate with the mystery because if they had it would not have been believable. The Town Hall burns down and Nancy is accused. It seems like a plausible mystery and there was not a shortage of suspects.
    There is a lot of interacting with characters in this mystery and you have to really pay attention to who told you what or else solving the board will be difficult. This mystery is all about clue finding and figuring out who would have the motive and what people's alibis are. Since everyone had motive it was not until right before the reveal that I knew who the culprit was.
    The ending was not very exciting or life threatening but I thought it fit the mystery very well. If they would have had something super elaborate it would not have fit with the small town feel of River Heights.
    I would like to mention the little touches and detail they put into this one and I think design should be commended for that. The Drew home was beautiful and having the old Nancy Drew artwork on the walls was a welcomed flashback. I also enjoyed seeing Nancy's souvenirs from her other adventures and being able to look in her mystery book. Looking back on all the mystery's and seeing the graphic and design changes was very touching.

    The complaints about this mystery are, it was short and I wish that you could have explored more places in River Heights. The driving was obviously an insane improvement to CLK. However with the improvement to the driving I think they should have added more places to go.

    Overall this mystery was very worth it and for anyone who wants to visit River Heights again I recommend it. This mystery made me a bit emotional seeing all the flashbacks to other mystery and there will be some replaying in the futures.
    you said you were
    afraid to lose me
    and then you
    faced your fears
    and left