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Stuck on evidence board and opening Brenda's box (Edited - Ri)

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  • Stuck on evidence board and opening Brenda's box (Edited - Ri)

    hi! okay i'm not sure what to do next, hopefully someone can help. here's where I am so far:

    Nancy is still in jail, but i can't talk to anyone and there's nothing I can see to do (I'm on senior though so I don't have a checklist.)

    I've gotten all the fingerprints and matched those, I've done the thing with the sample for the accelerant and have that chart on the evidence board, everything's been done in the closet at Scoop's, and I know about the traffic ticket.

    I'm a little confused on how to arrange some of the evidence on the evidence board, just because I think I'm missing some stuff and I don't know how to make the evidence currently under Nancy point to someone else.

    The only thing I can think of is that I haven't opened the box in Brenda's trunk, but I have no idea how, or what I have to do before I can do that. Any help is appreciated!

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    You need to
    free Nancy from jail
    before you'll be able to open that box!

    Have you talked to everybody?
    If all else fails,
    Try re-arranging evidence on the board in different combos until the chief thinks it looks okay.

    pay no attention to the bird behind the curtain.


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      Did you find the
      snowflake shaped ice cubes
      the scoop?

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        What do have on the police board, and where have you put everything? Or would you like a spoiler for the police board?

        Also, do you have the
        fire keys from Alexi's
        My Game Reviews