Nancy is out of jail and I have made the jammer. I actually used it and went where I am supposed to.
1) On this replay I am trying to get all the awards. Carson won't answer when I call to get the Legal Lawyer award; I stopped playing for a while before fixing the jammer, so is it possible I called and forgot? If not, will I be able to call
from underground?
Or have I missed my chance for that award?

2) I found that last major clue and the tool I need, but I was able to leave the room again. What could I possibly have missed? I would think that if I could go that far I was ready (and yes, I have the clue for the tunnels).


LOL I missed one item of proof so now I can finish the ending. I still have no idea if will get the award at this point...just hoping I talked to Carson and forgot.