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  • Alexei alibi

    Help, I have checked my check list, nobody is talking to me. I do not have Alexei's note that he lied. I read the newspaper and have spoken to him with Ned and George. How do I get the note that the meeting was cancelled. I already explored Scoop,the closet and the explored the Antique shop, trunk. The only thing on the check list is check alibi's which I know is Alexei and get Nancy out of jail. I have Brenda's, Toni's and Diedrie alibi. Thanks

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    Are you sure you read the right newspaper? There are two.
    One is in Nancy's living room, the other (the relevant one for Alexi's alibi) is in the newspaper dispenser by Brenda's van.
    "One True Friend to all who are frightened or lost,
    Whether great or small never factor the cost,
    Catch the tears that fall and melt the frost,
    Leave no bridge uncrossed...….

    One True Friend who'll stay, though all others may run,
    keep the wolves at bay till the battle is won,
    Fill the darkest day with blessed sun,
    If you need someone.
    ...He will be One True Friend"


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      Yes I looked at both newspapers and I spoke to Alexei and he got mad and told me to leave.


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        I got it figured out. I forgot to give Nancy a piece of paper about the storage ( in a plastic bag). I also checked off everyone's task list. Once she had everything the stick note appeared.