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Stuck! Nothing on task list except getting Nancy out

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  • catsandbooks
    You are not trying to prove who did it, just that Nancy is innocent (or at least innocent enough to be let out). You have one piece of evidence in the wrong place. If you want to know who, the two people are
    Brenda and Deirdre

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  • BeepBooBooBop
    So far on the evidence board I have:
    Alexei -
    Ether in trunk, fire alarm key, false alibi

    Toni -
    Toluene in closet, snowflake ice cube tray, lied about scoop being open, secret plans for town hall, and photos

    Deirdre -
    Friends didn't back alibi, speeding ticket

    Brenda -
    Acetone in van, can't confirm she was working, fingerprint on note, and also the actual burnt-up note

    Under Nancy I still have
    Lab Report Pending,
    don't know if that's supposed to be moved or not, and
    the box of matches,
    but I haven't figured out where that's supposed to go if anywhere.

    Under New Evidence I have the
    chromatograph report
    but don't know where to put it. All she has said about it is that
    it shows the accelerant was isopropyl alcohol,
    so obviously I have to find who has that to move the piece of evidence on the board but I have yet to figure that out.

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  • catsandbooks
    Welcome to HER! Please review the rules you agreed to when you joined. If you have any questions about how the message board works, please ask on the Message Board Questions board. Also, I recommend reading the FAQ/New members Resources sticky on that board.

    It sounds like you need to fix the evidence board. Since you don't want a spoiler, if you post what you have on the board we can give you a hint on what you have wrong. But you MUST use spoiler code for that.

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  • Stuck! Nothing on task list except getting Nancy out

    Hi everyone,

    Soo it's been a while since I've played this one. I'm enjoying re-playing it a lot! But I'm a lil stuck 😅

    I have every single thing on everyone's checklist checked off, except for 'Get Nancy out of jail.'

    No one is giving me any information when I speak to them. I believe the last thing that happened was that I asked Alexei why he had the fire alarm key and he got upset and told me to get out. So, the last item in my journal says that Alexei is suspicious and to keep an eye on him. Nancy also has everything on her own checklist checked off too. When I have the Chief check the suspect board he says not yet. I have one item on the board that hasn't been assigned to anyone yet -- the chromatograph results showing that the accelerant was isopropyl alcohol. I just haven't found out yet who's responsible for that accelerant so I've not placed it under anyone.

    One thing I haven't done is open that locked box in Brenda's van.

    Also, Carson won't give me any more information when I call.

    I'm not sure what to do next.. like I said, it's been a while since I've played this one so to be honest I don't even remember what comes next!

    I really like to try and figure it out for myself as much as I can, so if you could not give me any spoilers and just point me in the right direction, that would be wonderful. 🙂
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