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Not Again! My Fifteenth Review!

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  • Not Again! My Fifteenth Review!

    Hello, Everyone! Welcome to my review of Curse of Blackmoor Manor! Does that sound familiar? Oh, don't worry! This time, I am reviewing the DVD Game. I promise to be completely honest, thorough, and spoiler-free! Enjoy!

    The Suspects- 9/10
    In this game, you get to interact with six characters...
    - a mysterious woman who hides behind a curtain- Linda
    - her stepdaughter who loves games, her favorite quote being "Wanna play a game?"- Jane
    - the young girl's tutor who randomly appears- Ethel
    - a grumpy old woman who has a dislike for Americans- Mrs. Drake
    - a talking bird- Loulou
    - a man who is doing research in the library- Nigel

    You also get to call Linda's mother, Mrs. Petrov, Ned, a local restaurant, and Linda's husband, Hugh!

    The Setting- 10/10
    A spooky old manor in England! What could be better? An outstanding setting, no doubt!

    The Puzzles- 9/10
    There were a ton of puzzles, but not a very good balance. They were very difficult, to say the least, but extremely enjoyable, nonetheless.

    The Ending- 10/10
    The perfect ending to the game! Enough said.

    Here's Some Extra Info! I suggest Junior level for the game. If you want a 'bigger experience', go for the DVD game, over the PC. The screen is larger and wider. This isn't really scary. On the PC, it's scarier.

    The Final Rating
    Here is the final rating for the CUR DVD Game...
    9.5 Out Of 10!
    What Does This Mean? Not Perfect, But A Super Game Nonetheless!

    Comments Are Greatly Appreciated!

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    everyones entitaled to their opinion, but i have to really disagree. the game was to slow, it took nancy forever to get somwere. and i always lost the paper that i wrote down all the codes on because the game doesent save like a normal game does. I didnt play much of it really, because i hated it so much.

    i give it a 4/10, not because of bad plot, but because of the way it is set up.