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Can't Take the Mercury Wand?

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  • Can't Take the Mercury Wand?

    So I got the statue to move and Nigel ran out screaming. The statue is facing me, but I can't take the wand. The magnifying glass won't change to the hand and I've clicked on the wand a billion times with no result. My game was in the DVD-ROM 4-pack, but I play it on my PC if that makes any difference. I assume this is the DVD version. I've looked online for a solution to this and everyone just keeps telling me to go back and press the fingers on the knight statue, which I've done. If anyone else has something new I can try, that would be lovely. This is the last key that I need.

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    Have you tried facing it in another direction?
    Try toward the desk or the door.
    Hope this helps
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      Thank you so much, I got it to work. It ended up facing the same way but I guess messing with it did something.