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  • Arrow and Lightning Bolt

    I am so frustrated! I have talked to everyone, found the lab, got the air flowing, found the remote red eyes, etc. I know I need to play Betty game due to the similarities of the symbolesin the telescope. I keep playing the game, but don't get the arrow. I know that I need to mess with tiles over Jane's door to get the lightning bolt, but the game will not let me look up there yet. What step am I missing??

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    You need something to help you step up to take a closer look at the tiles. Do you notice a keyhole under the red button? Another puzzle on this floor will get you the key.

    As for the Betty game, have a look at the mural in the room through the lens. Note the muses in order. Before playing the game, press these in order and then the red button. The game will now know you're playing for the arrow piece.

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