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    I've been playing these games since 2001. I've always loved them and I've played all but the newest one out to date (but fingers crossed I'll play it soon!). Still, Blackmoor Manor is my all-time favorite one of these games. It isn't insanely hard, but it isn't so easy I can finish it in only a few hours. The characters are dynamic, the story is compelling , and there's a creepy element but not one that seems far-fetched or makes me keep the lights on at all times. It's just such an excellent game. In addition to all of this, CUR is my favorite because even today while playing this game for the 7th or 8th time, I find things and do things in this game that I've never noticed or done before. Every time I have replayed, without fail, there's has been something I missed. I love that. I love this game. If you're debating which one to try out, Blackmoor is my suggestion.