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~My Curse of Blackmoor Manor Review~

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  • ~My Curse of Blackmoor Manor Review~

    CUR is like, my all time favorite game, so I figured I'd finally write a review on it. It was the first Nancy Drew game I had ever played (I gave up at first because I skipped the tutorial and couldn't figure out how to move.. LOL) I'll try to keep my review short, but that usually doesn't work. So, if you're pressed for time or just really hate reading a lot, just skip to "Overall" for the gist of it.

    Characters: Great job! There were a good amout of characters, and the conversations weren't too long, but when they were, they were interesting. I loved Jane, and found Mrs. Drake amusing at times. I still kind of wish we could have seen Linda at the end or somewhere. (other than the picture in Nancy's letter). Characters were pretty realistic and fun, so great job HeR! (10/10)

    Plot/Setting: The setting was AMAZING. I love love loved all the passageways and rooms to explore. This is one game that excelled in the places to explore category. It made it a little difficult as a first time player, but once I gained experience and replayed it, it made it even more enjoyable. The plot was great! I LOVED the scare factor. Its one of my favorite things about this game. Even after replaying it who knows how many times, I still jump when Ethel pops up and still get a little freaked out by the nightmares and what follows. Love it!(10/10)

    Minigames/Difficulty: I think all of the minigames made sense, and didn't feel like minigames. They felt natural, which is more than can be said for some of the newer games. The difficulty level was perfect. You didn't fly through every puzzle, but you didn't spend hours staring at it trying to figure out how to solve it. (10/10)

    Graphics: Graphics were good, for when it was made. When I first got it I was amazed by the graphics, but that was like five years ago. Now, they are still great, but look a little rough on the edges. (9/10)

    Overall: This was a GREAT game. My favorite yet. I have played every single Nancy Drew related game, and this still proves to be my favorite. It was the game that started my obsession with Nancy Drew in the first place. A great game in all respects. If you have any second thoughts on this game, get rid of them and speed to your nearest store to get this game. It is really that amazing. Also, the length was pretty good. Like I said I gave up on it at first when I was a newbie, so it took me several months to get back to it (I got distracted with SHA, TRN, and other games) but replaying it now as a very experienced player, it takes me a good four or five hours, where most games take me about three hours. (9.75/10)
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