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    So I'm replaying all the scary ND games for the up and coming Ghost of Thorton Hall. I decided to go back and play Curse of Blackmoore Manor. Replaying it, I decided to make a review!

    Setting- 5/10 The setting takes place in England in a completly remote place. Nancy is called there to find out what is happening to her client's daughter, Linda. I gave the setting a five because it didn't impress me much, even in the old game standards. Too many factors contributed to this game. Plus it went from trying to find out what happened to Linda to figuring out what the Penvellyn treasure is.

    Characters- 7/10 In this game you meet Mrs. Drake, Jane Penvellyn, Linda Penvellyn, Nigel Mookerjee, Ethel Bosinny, and Lulu the parrot. All the characters had their own personallities, and that's something I love looking for. The only reason I didn't give it a higher rating is becuase the only people you truly needed in the game were Nigel, Jane, and Lulu, the rest were slightly unimportant.

    Puzzels- 9/10 Even replaying this game I had trouble with the puzzels. There are just so many of them! They were difficult, had to actually make you work to solve them, and they had to be solve for the game to progress anywhere.

    Scare Factor- 4/10 I'll come right out and say it, I was terrfied of this game when it first came out. But now after playing HAU and Saw, not so much. But I have to give this game a rating because of one thing...Ethel. I don't like things popping out of nowhere and Ethel did it constantly. And of course I screamed everytime it happened.

    Graphics- 6/10 I'm judging this section against the older games, not the more recent ones. Saying that, the graphics were pretty well done. They didn't have any emotion when they talked, but other than that, it was nice.

    Overall this game gets a 6.5/10. While the game was still enjoyable and fun to do, it felt like I was going all over the place and trying to solve too many mysteries at one time.
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    I have completed ND games 1-32 and the secrets can kill remastered