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  • My review of CUR

    I really loved this game. It was my first scary .
    Nancy drew has gone to Blackmoor Manor, England to discover what is happening to...
    Linda penvelynn, a lady who thinks she has been cursed and is turning into a where wolf.
    Mrs drake is Linda's mother in law who spends all her time looking after carnivorous plants in the conservatory. If Linda were out of the way she would inherit blackmoor manor.
    Jane penvelynn is Linda's stepdaughter and is very worried about her.
    With an obsession for games Jane is the picture of innocence(or is she).
    Nigel is writing a book on penvelynn history and is interested in all sorts of scandals. Could he be doing this to put his book on the best sellers list?
    Ethel Bossiny is Jane's tutor and is not very happy that Nancy is poking around the manors 'dangerous' passageways.
    Loulou is a very funny parrot who will trade hints for treats.
    The graphics were all good except Jane did not look very realistic.
    There were lots of hard puzzles in this game but they were fun and entertaining so I didn't mind.
    This is a really good game. I give it 9 out of 10.