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Case Closed- Review #3

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  • Case Closed- Review #3

    Hello and welcome to Case Closed!

    Plot: Nancy is called to an old mansion in Britain under family sickness matters. A friend of Nancy's family, Linda, is sick all day in bed convinced she is cursed. Linda's husband Hugh has left for a while because of her insanity. After Nancy talks with a special someone, she finds out that Linda could be a werewolf! Exploring the families history, she finds deep secrets. On top of that, she discovers hidden passages, tunnels, moving rooms, and an old forge! To get to the bottom of this frightening case, she must sum up the courage to confront her suspects once and for all and find out if Linda really is the.. Beast Of Blackmoor Manor! Which makes me give it a 10/10 for an awesome plot!

    Characters: In this game, there are 5 main characters you can speak with. Linda, the woman who is sick and possibly cursed. Nigel, the man in the library who is doing a report on the families history. Jane, Linda's stepdaughter who is tutored by Ethel. Ethel, the woman who is hired to tutor Jane and somewhat lives in the castle, and Mrs. Drake, the woman who cares for the greenhouse plants. You also have Ned, Hugh, A cook to bring food, and a lycanthropist! Which makes me give it a 10/10 for excellent character development.

    Scare Factor: This game's scare factor is at the top near SAW! Of course, underground passages are scary, but with pop outs, nightmares at three in the morning, and freaky noises, your bound to be scared, if not fall out of your chair! Which makes me give it a 10/10 for a very high scare factor!

    Setting: The setting in this game is extremely detailed! Your in England, which of course, is fascinating. While you cannot go outside the castle in the game, the castle itself is giant! There are halls and halls to explore, like it never ends! I always felt as if it just went on and on. Which makes me give it a 10/10 for an amazing setting!

    Length: For this game, It was very long. I played this and it took me at least a month. It was very well thought out, and very well felt like you were Nancy staying somewhere for weeks, instead of doing a game in all one night, you know what I mean? Which makes me give it a 10/10 for a very long length.

    Music: The music in this game was beautifully horrifying. The violins and everything else sounded so deep, scary, but yet intriguing at the same time. It really freaked me out and added noticeably to the game. Which makes me give it a 9.5/10 for beautiful music.

    Puzzles: This game has many puzzles that may make you have to use spoilers. The puzzles are well thought out, not impossible, and very clever! This game is KNOWN for it's puzzles because they are great. Which makes me give it a 10/10 for amazing puzzles!

    Graphics: This game was a little older, so the graphics were pretty good! They really brought out the castle, the people, and the story. Which makes me give it an 8/10 for good graphics.

    Overall, this game has......

    ~An Awesome Plot
    ~Excellent Character Development
    ~A Very High Scare Factor
    ~An Amazing Setting
    ~A Very Long Length
    ~Beautiful Music
    ~Amazing Puzzles
    ~Good Graphics

    Overall this game is an 9.7/10! Hope you enjoy this game!
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