This game is one of the most complex and most fun games in the Nancy Drew game series. This is one of my favorite games.

The characters in this game are very different from one another. Also there is a great variety of personalities. They were very distinct from one another. Nigel is a little weird. He's writing a book about the Penvellyn family in the game. He's an interesting character and seems quite superstitious about the supposed creature of Blackmoor manor.

Ethel is Jane's tutor, she's mysterious and very strange. At one point in the game Ethel catches Nancy coming out of a secret passageway. It felt a like Nancy was being caught with her hand in the cookie jar, even though Nancy did nothing wrong. It almost felt like Nancy was being like a child. Ethel was one of the few characters who had many layers to them.

Mrs. Drake has a no nonsense attitude about her and yet she is superstitious herself. She's full of contradictions it seems without knowing it. She also talks to the plants that she takes care of a the manor. Like I said before she's full of contradictions.

Linda Penvellyn is the reason that Nancy has come to Blackmoor Manor. She refuses to let anyone see her face including Nancy. She says that she has unlocked a door that she regrets opening. Nancy now must find out where the door is and what exactly lies behind it. I felt sorry for Linda and what she was going through. Although it was weird talking to Linda through a bed curtain and not seeing her face. She was always unhappy, a little sad and angry every time we talked to her.

Jane Penvellyn is the little girl in this game. She's unhappy about the recent changes that have happened in her life lately. She seemed like a very smart little girl with a lot of imagination.

What I like most about this game is all of the secret passageways that we can explore. My only issue with the secret passageways was the lighting. It would of been nice if there had been a light source in the passageway instead of using a glow stick or glow rock.

I really enjoyed how they did the puzzles in this game. I liked how every puzzle leads to the bigger solution in the game. All in all this game is really great with a good amount of complexity and dimension.

So I give Curse of Blackmoor Manor a 9 out of 10.