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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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  • 9. this game was one of my faves but i just dont enjoy it as much as say shadow ranch and waverly academy.
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    • Very Good!

      I rated this an 8 because although I loved the game (and i especially loved the surprising twist at the end!!) I found it quite difficult and i found myself online looking for hints. This game is a definite "MUST PLAY"!!!!!



      • I gave this game a 7. It was interesting- a good plot-- something I would have loved to read about... But it was a little hard. Nancy was very isolated, she didn't have a lot to do, she couldn't leave or go outside-- it was kind of suffocating. There were only a few rooms you could go into, and the puzzles! WOW. This is a game for people who like puzzles, not snooping. And puzzles can be fun! Don't get me wrong. A lot of Nancy detective work is puzzle work. But... Guh! They just took forever ever ever and I felt like I had to write down everything I saw. It was ridiculously hard. I like more active games, where I can do things and interact with characters. The characters in this one were... just bad. Boring. Snobby. I would have liked to walk down some gardens or hidden alleyways or snuck in a pub and talked up the people for new suspects... Not be stuck in a huge hall for hours, staring at the walls. Just my opinion! Again, I still gave it a 7, because I love Nancy Drew and I remember feeling satisfied when I finished it (with the help of walkthroughs, though).
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        “as usual, when Frank
        was around, Nancy’s heart beat
        just a little faster.
        Nancy and Frank both recognized
        that their respect for each other
        had an edge of something more,
        something that could be romantic
        in a different time and place.”
        —"Target for Terror"




        • 7 out of 10. Not that bad but not that good. To confusing. But good plot!!


          • I clicked 10, but I regret it now that I think about it.

            I actually give CUR a 9/10, because I loved the setting, music, plot, and puzzles. It was very challenging, which is both good and bad. It leans more towards bad for me since I couldn't get through some parts without walkthroughs (I'd like to get through games without them if I can). The characters were pretty good, not outstanding. It was actually pretty scary too, and I'm not one who gets scared easily!

            I really enjoyed the game even though it was a little too difficult for me sometimes (:


            • 9/10

              i gave it a is a very good game, yet their are some parts in the game i thought confusing and needed help 1. was the last key and 2. was the alchemy puzzle....but i loved how it was spooky at the same time...i hope they make more spooky ones like that one


              • I know alot of people really love this game, but I just finished it and right now I loathe CUR. I think if I go back and play it agian in about a year and am more patient I will like this game alot better. Reasons I didn't care for it:
                • WAY too many complicated puzzles for my taste
                • I was stuck alot and had no idea what to do
                • I had to get alot of hints/spoilers, which I don't like to do to excess
                • Extremely tedious

                It is by far the most challenging game I have played in the Nancy Drew series thus far. Also, I felt like it was sort of a let down because people said this game was so scary, but I didn't think it was scary at all. Maybe a little creepy/eerie, but not scary.....this is coming from someone who scares easily, haha.

                Just my opinion and like I said, I think I would have liked this game if I had been more patient.....but it just wasn't my cup of tea. I'd give it a 6/10.

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                I have solved (in this order):
                The Secret Of The Old Clock
                Treasure In The Royal Tower
                The Secret Of Shadow Ranch
                The Phantom of Venice
                Warnings At Waverly Academy
                Trail Of The Twister
                The Final Scene
                Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake
                The Haunted Carousel
                Danger On Deception Island
                Curse of Blackmoor Manor
                I'm pretty new to the Nancy Drew games. & I love them!



                • CUR is my favorite game out of the whole series!!! I really enjoy a good challenge, but what really sparked my interest was the DESIGN! There were so many interesting places to go and clues to pick up. And for crying out loud, it's an English mansion! Yeah, it was incredibly difficult and frustrating at times, but aren't all Nancy Drew games like that anyways? 10/10


                  • I rated it 9! While it got a little dreary inside the mansion at times, they really did a good job on this game!
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                    Popping in for a short visit. I've missed you all!


                    • I rated it an 8!

                      The puzzles were quite hard & I was disappointed with the culprit.
                      Will be back soon.


                      • This game's storyline along with the creepy atmosphere and bits of information about the eerie manor you find out along the way make it interesting to play through. There are many, many puzzles that can be frustrating at times. Despite this, the mystery itself will make you keep playing. It gets quite exciting (at one point my friend and I actually screamed) and is rewarding to finish. I gave it an 8/10.
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                        • 10/10.

                          Defenatly 10/10.

                          Because it was my first ever game! And it was confusing, and a few times i was like "gosh, I give up." but then i got over it.

                          And i finished it! A lot of times! (:

                          And i'm still playing it today!


                          • Definitely a 10!

                            This is my first game, and i absolutely love it!
                            Music is all I need.

                            Curse of Blackmoor Manor
                            The White Wolf of Icicle Creek
                            The Deadly Device
                            Shadow at the Water's Edge
                            Danger By Design
                            The Phantom of Venice


                            • This one was the first Nancy Drew game I ever played, it was so good that I got completly hooked on the games. The Curse of Blackmoor Manor is even a little spooky. It is 100% worth buying!!!


                              • 10/10 Never knew a "curse" could be so much fun!

                                Hey everyone!

                                This is by far my favorite Nancy Drew game with WAV coming in pretty close. The music, colors, plot, puzzles and characters were amazing with the story line developed enough to lead you wanting more.

                                *Now I know this only a game, but I even searched to see if there were such a thing as Penvellyn history I know that's silly, but that's what I love about these Nancy Drew games.

                                Sometimes I still finding myself humming that tune Jane hums to herself. Sometimes I wish they'd make a sequel to this, impossible I know, but a girl can dream haha.

                                Even though Nancy Drew games have come such a long way, this one will always stand out as being the creepiest Nancy Drew I played in the dark.

                                Thank you HER!