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  • Game Review of Blackmoor Manor

    I have played all of the ND Games (except Alibi in Ashes - yet) and this is one of my favourites. I loved the atmosphere of the manor. It was interesting to just explore around and see everything in all the rooms, etc. I also enjoyed replaying a lot of the games with Jane - eventhough some were frustrating. You had to have patience with some of the timed sequences but they were all fun. I loved the parrot -
    not in real life, but neat to feed him the wrong food and see him fall off his perch.
    and to see what the big plant does to Nancy. The Moving Rooms Puzzle was very long to complete. Wished we were able to go outside the Manor during the game. Gave it a 10.
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    • Definitely NOT my favorite

      Let me start by saying that these Nancy Drew games are the best thing I've discovered in a very long time. I wish these would have been around when I was much younger (I'm in my early 40's). Before I started this game I had already read that this was one of the toughest in the series. Well it was really hard for me. I was doing ok the first half of the game but then it got really hard and I needed some pretty detailed walk thru's to guide me thru to the end. I don't really like it when I need to get that much outside help - I feel like I've cheated somehow. However, once I got to the end I was surprised how easy it was to wrap things up. One of my favorite parts of this game was the giant plant, I loved taking closer looks at it throught out the game! This was the 6th Nancy Drew game I've played and its my 2nd from the bottom least favorite. I would still recommend playing it, I just liked the other ones I've played better. My least favorite was Secret of Shadow Ranch and my Fave so far is Message in a Haunted Mansion which is the first one I played which got me hooked!


      • It was great!

        I'm still playing it right now, but I still love it so far! I get the creeps when I go down the secret passage ways though. I have so far found three. The slide the one near the dragon and the gargoyle. When I saw Linda's hand, I was all like, *GASP and hold my hand to my mouth* Then I raced out of the tunnel as fast as I could. But I'm getting better at keeping the creeps down when I go into secret passage ways. I also got all creeped out when card-playing Batty broke down. She like went all over the place! It was crazy!

        BTW: I'm new on here and can't find out how to post a thread thing, someone help!


        • Even I gave it 9, I think sometimes its frustating, and the culprit didnt convince me. I' hoped something more freaking I guess.
          I've played almost all ND games, maybe have a couple left yet. I' d like newest better because of web search and mobile phone, make it easier to contact "the outside world".
          as far as this game, I've wuold lked to be able to explore outside the manor.


          • I really liked this game...the manor was sooooo cool, and I LOVED how the whole Pennvellyn family came up with a way to protect the family secrets!!! I had know idea who the culprit was...however I'm glas it was who it was 'cause I didn't really like him/her. The reason that I rated it a 9 was I didn't care for the astrology references...however, it wasn't really something that was too prominent in the storyline. One more thing is that you had to stay inside the manor the whole time, and I would have liked to explore outside. Other than that, this game was really good...I DEFINITELY recommend it!!!
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            • pros and cons

              -who doesn't love a medieval manor on a creepy moor?
              -all those secret passageways made the game super exciting
              -the background history was probably the best I've ever seen in a Nancy Drew game
              -the characters were full of personality (Ethel freaked me out a bit)
              -the manor itself was beautiful
              -it was perfectly scary
              -I was so fascinated with all the astrology
              -super exciting and intriguing
              -the music was awesome
              -and best of all I couldn't guess the culprit!

              -some of the puzzles were difficult to the extreme
              -the overall ending was a little weak
              -they never explained the L.I.B or cackling

              my favorite ND game of all time, however i wouldn't reccomend it for beginners. It's the most difficult I've ever played.
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              • Good scare factor

                I gave the game a 10/10.

                I thought this game was actually really scary, and I literally found myself jumping at points, and I usually don't scare easy, but this game scared me. Especially that weird dream you can have, when there was something scratching at Nancy's door, and when they strange clocked person is in the hall and they drop the red eyed glasses.

                I miss games like this, where you always wonder what's going to be around the corner, and wondering, in suspense, about what would happen.

                The only thing this game could use to get even better was if they had more snooping opportunities, yeah, you could snoop some in the Library and conservatory. But I could have done with a just tad bit more.
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                • 10 out of 10!

                  Another great ND game! It was quite challenging! I really liked all the exploring and puzzles. Pretty neat plot too. The ending surprised me too. I won't lie, I did get stuck a few times, but I looked up some hints that got me on my way. :) I'm sad that we didn't get to go outdoors, but really, all the places indoors that you found made up for it. :)


                  • It was really, really good! I would give it a 10/10. It is one of my favorite Nancy Drew games. The game is also extremely eerie, I often found myself wanting to look over my shoulder a few times! Nothing is too scary, which is also good. The puzzles are also very well thought out! Curse of Blackmoor Manor is a great game.
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                    • This is my absolute FAVORITE Nancy Drew game!! My Second would probably be The Secret of the Scarlet Hand.
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                      • This was a really good game. Loulou was so flippin adorable! I wish I could have spent more time with her. The game remained interesting and rather complicated/challenging, and without outside help I NEVER would have made it through! But with some hints and guidance, I did it and thoroughly enjoyed it. The end wasn't the best, but not horrible. It was a nice change of pace for Nancy. The games were mostly fun too.

                        There was one thing though, I never saw the L.I.B. but finished the game completely. That made me sad!
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                        • I love this game!!

                          One thing though- Who was the L.I.B.?
                          The game never explains it or who is behind it....


                          • By far, one of the absolute BEST.

                            I just finished this game for the umpteenth time, and I must say that it was nearly just as great as the first time I played it. The plot line is not only ingenious, but so captivating. As a history major and lover of fantasy, this plot line combined both beautifully - so much history (made up for the game intertwined seamlessly with real life) with just a delicious touch of fantasy to make it thrilling and addicting. Maybe that's just me as this game plays upon so much of my personal interests. Every time I play this game, it inspires me to write a novel about an aristocratic family with a rich heritage, pride in a mere name, and a dark secret.

                            There are a few minor complaints that I have, first being that you don't really talk to people much, inside the manor and via phone. I get that Loulou is supposed to help with hints, which is fine (and who always cracks me up, she is so funny!), but you may as well not even have the numbers in your phone because of how useless they end up being...Also, I would have liked to venture outside the manor and into the grounds, which would have added so much more to the exciting thrill of the game. Instead, you're stuck inside the entire time and the manor actually isn't big at all, which was also a disappointment...

                            While more interaction with characters and more areas to explore would have both been awesome additions, this game is still excellent, easily one of the absolute best that has been made so far, and that's now with 20+ games, plus this was made almost ten years ago by now. Her Interactive definitely had a winner with this one. Highly recommended.


                            • My favorite of all ND games I have to say HER really hit it out of the park on this one. I play it over and over again! :)


                              • Fun and Exciting

                                At some points this game had me really freaked out but it was also pretty fun!
                                There was a lot of puzzles and such to do.
                                In my opinon one of the scariest games and one of the best!
                                I have:
                                FOUND THE TREASURE IN THE ROYAL TOWER
                                SEEN THE GHOAST DOGS OF MOON LAKE
                                RIDEN ON THE HAUNTED CAROUSEL
                                HERD OF THE DANGER ON DECEPTION ISLAND
                                DISCOVERED THE SECRET OF SHADOW RANCH
                                HERD ABOUT THE CURSE OF BLACKMOOR MANOR
                                STARTED THE SECRET OF THE OLD CLOCK
                                BORDED THE LAST TRAIN TO BLUE MOON CANYON
                                LEARNED ABOUT DANGER BY DESIGN
                                SEEN THE CREATURE OF KAPU CAVE
                                SEEN THE WHITE WOLF OF ICICLE CREEK
                                HERD THE LEGEND OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL
                                SEEN THE PHANTOM OF VENICE
                                HERD OF THE HAUNTING OF CASTLE MALLOY
                                STOPPED THE RANSOM OF THE SEVEN SHIPS
                                THROWN THE ALIBI IN ASHES
                                HIDDEN THE DEADLY DEVICE
                                SEEN THE GHOAST OF THORNTON HALL