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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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  • I think it's so much fun. :)

    I gave it 10.

    plus Nancy's first international mystery.....


    • LOve it and one question...

      Originally posted by Shark_Attack View Post
      I love this game!!

      One thing though- Who was the L.I.B.?
      The game never explains it or who is behind it....
      L.I.B.? What do ya mean?
      And all I loved, I loved alone.

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      • 10 points.
        For me - this is the best game



          This was the first one I played by myself (without friends). I was so scared half the time. I was in like 6th grade and my parents had me go to bed a bit early; but I always snuck downstairs and played this with headphones in. I was always jumping and debating about going to sleep because I wasn't sure if I would be able to a) stop thinking about the game or b) quit being slightly afraid.

          This storyline was so amazing. I think this one should be remastered just so I can play it again on my mac.

          It has everything a ND gamer wants in a game!



          • My Favorite Game but...

            This game was my favorite Nancy drew game so far, but...I wish we could have snuck into Mrs. Drake's room and/or outside. Other than that it was perfectly fine, and i believe that this was HER's best game yet! This game was my first and hooked me on to Nancy drew! Now i own 6 of the games and want more. So, i gave it a ten!


            • Originally posted by BunnyGirl1 View Post
              LOve it and one question...

              L.I.B.? What do ya mean?
              You mean the Lady in Black? I always presumed it was the culprit...
              Please,there's just one more thing
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              • I found it a really tough game. I don't know how people could make the links between the clues provided in the books etc with the puzzles involved by themselves i.e. not asking for help from Loulou and this website. Contradicting as it sounds, the difficulty of the game made it fun and at the same time, not very fun. Because I couldn't solve many of the puzzles by myself, the fun factor for me kinda went down cos I felt pathetic. I mean one factor that makes a game fun is when you can solve at least quite a few of the puzzles (especially when they aren't very easy) by yourself right? Hmm... but maybe I was just out of practice since I haven't touched a Nancy Drew game in years.

                I found the ending a little anti-climatic though because of who the culprit was, the culprit's motivation and the treasure.
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                • I loved this game!! I gave this a 9. I would have given it a 10 but I was disappointed with the ending.
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                  • Originally posted by Clueless in SA View Post
                    A big 10
                    This is no doubt a classic for HI. It has everything you want in a mystery. Excellent sleuthing, games, tasks, characters, and story. Very fun. Very scary.
                    This. I wish I could find my physical copy from years ago, as I am due to replay this game again. The quintessential Nancy Drew game for me... Hard puzzles, lots of scares, good snooping, mystery, intrigue, an engaging plot... I am in love with this game. I have played it numerous times and I can't wait to play again.

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                    • 8.5

                      8.5 for sure! I love when the story is localized in a creepy/scary manor, castle or mansion. Those are my favorite games! I was so excited to play this due to the creepy element and it definitely delivered. However, I felt alone most of the time in the game, some of the puzzles were really hard to figure out, especially the moving rooms! How do you figure those out w/out cheats? It would've taken me years. I love astrology, so that was an awesome aspect to the game that I thoroughly enjoyed. I didn't like playing games w/Jane ALL THE TIME. But I did love the parrot, too funny. The reason I didn't give it a 10 is mainly because a lot of the puzzles were hard (maybe they went over my head) and once you figure out the culprit is not all together shocking.
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                      • I had to give up on it.

                        This game is EXTREMELY difficult. Even with some hints and spoilers I found myself stuck so I didn't make it to the ending. I will go back to this game and finish it one day! But for now I am moving on to other ND games I haven't played yet


                        • Review

                          CUR was the first game I ever played I loved it then and still do.
                          Cur started my addiction for Nancy Drew games and I have been stuck on them ever since.
                          This game has it all snooping, scare, puzzles, well developed plot, characters, and last but not least Loulou the talking parrot. She's "smarter than the average bird" and very cool.
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                          • 9/10

                            Ive literally not played this game in years, and can still sing you the song the girl sings in the game word for word. That takes a lot to do for a game. The music in this game is awesome! The plot was awesome too. however, the characters to me were a bit lacking, both in personality and in number.


                            • 10/10

                              The best ND game. Period.
                              xoxo, Lauren


                              • Originally posted by iheartjb27 View Post
                                The best ND game. Period.
                                Truth ^!