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My ~CUR~ Review :Smile5:

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  • My ~CUR~ Review :Smile5:

    My Review of: Curse of Blackmoor Manor

    All topics are rated from a scale of 1 to 10


    The plot was good. It takes a while to understand what to do at the beginning. I think they should have made it clearer.


    Good! I enjoyed the graphics and think her did a great job! Realistic and detailed!


    I really wanted to like the setting. They really made the mansion dangerous but beautiful. However, I wanted to be able to leave mansion and explore!


    Linda: Didn't really like her. She was almost bipolar how she changed moods. I know she was supposed to be having problems, but she was a little bit on the crazy side ! I think it was lazy of HER not to show her at all.

    Jane: Ugg! She was so annoying! That is not how a 12 year old with any manners should act! She had an annoying voice, and I hated her games!

    Nigel: Different. Kinda consider him a goober. He was always trying to scare Nancy but he ended up leaving. I didn't really like him either. He didn't have much substance as a character.

    Mrs. Drake: I can't remember her name, but she was okay. She seemed just like an elderly English woman would act. Very realistic.

    Ethel: Didn't like how she only shows up 3 times! I think HER got lazy on this game and their characters. Although she did totally creep me out when she appears at the end of a slide!

    I wasn't to happy about CUR becuse of the characters. I think Linda should have been on the game too.

    Fear Factor-9

    There was a lot of fear factor in this game! There were dangerous animals, secret passageways and a creepy Roman guy! Definitely something that made me sleep with one eye open at times!


    The puzzles were too challenging! I had to go on the boards for help like 7 times! I hated the changing rooms, wayyy too confusing!


    I didn't like the culprit, how to solve the end, or the way it never explains where the meteorite was. HER could have tied some of the strings together a little better.


    Not a huge fan of this game, mainly because I hated the puzzles, and also felt that HER slacked quite a bit on this game.

    Overall, it was a fun game but definitely not my favorite. Try a little harder next time HER!

    Read, Rate, Review! Reps are always appreciated! What did you think of the ending? Was there too much left unanswered at the end? Or was it the perfect medium? Did this game give you a good scare at times? I love discussions!

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    Reply to Your Review

    I disagree with what you said about some of the characters. I adored Nigel; I think he was a great character! I do think it was slack for HER to leave Linda behind a curtain. I didn't like the setting much because you could only stay in the mansion; it would have been neat if you could go outside. Oh well, nicely written review!!

    - Kate
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      Thank you!
      Basically my feelings on everything