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The truth behind the curse.....BOO!

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  • The truth behind the curse.....BOO!

    Haha. Ok so here goes another one of my short reviews:

    This game was amazing. I'm not kidding, easily one of my favorite ND games and heres why. To me this game is the end of an era. I'm not crazy about the games after this one and this one really defines what a ND game is about. There is a a perfect balance of suspense, snooping and puzzles. If you are into the scary/jump out of your seat games then this is the one for you. In my opinion this is the scariest one to date. The characters provide much suspicion and also to allow you to have some fun. There are plenty of things to do. The game setting is very creepy and there will be many times when you have chills going up and down your spine. The ending isn't maybe the most memorable but its the rest of the game that counts because lets face the facts here: you spend maybe ten minutes on the end of the game and ten hours or more playing everything before it. Yeah the game itself is what made the impression on me.
    If you're not one for the scary/ pop out of nowhere elements play with caution because there are surprises around every corner and thats not an exaggeration. There will be times when you turn around and things will pop out at you, so if you are not that kind of person, I would look at choosing another game.

    Thanks for reading!!
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