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    Curse of
    Blackmoor Manor.

    T h e P l o t ;
    Nancy's first out of the country mystery begins whilst visiting Linda Penvellyn at the haunted Blackmoor Manor. Linda seems to be falling ill with a mysterious sickness and little Jane is unhappy with the move. Everyone seems to have a mysterious aura surrounding them. Does the beast of Blackmoor really exist? Is there something more to the Manor than originally shown? Family crests and one talkative bird are there to help you during your stay at Blackmoor Manor.

    Good Things:
    * The fact that the manor is haunted by the Beast of Blackmoor I found to be really exciting. Especially with Linda's illness.
    * I enjoy how the game takes place in England.
    * All of the things like Alchemy and Cockney rhyming that you get to learn about. They're interesting.

    Bad Things:
    * There weren't very many phone contacts.
    * Glow sticks.

    Places To Explore;
    Blackmoor Manor; The manor as a whole, I really really enjoyed. It was elegant and open, and was decorated appropriately. There were also plenty of different rooms to explore. My favourites would probably have to be the bedrooms. Overall, everything from the doors down to the family crests was spot on and perfect.
    Library; The library was pretty cool looking, especially the shelves at the very end, with the labels. Even though you can't pick them out and look through them, just having them there is nice, because, obviously it's a library, it needs books. Also, the computer was a nice touch and helped to do something fun.
    Bedrooms; My favourite parts, the bedrooms. I'll break this down. In Nancy's room I really enjoyed all of the astronomy related things, especially the little puzzles that went with it. Then, Jane's room was very cute as well, especially how she decorated it to suit her taste. Not to mention the little children's oven that you get to put to use. Linda's room, however I was a little disappointed with, because there was hardly anything to look at or explore.
    Conservatory; I enjoyed the Conservatory, especially all of interesting looking plants. There was one plant in particular that I was fascinated with because it was gigantic and hungry. That's all that I'll say about it. -wink-
    Forge Room; As soon as I found it, I fell in love with it. It looked cozy, like a place that you would go just to get away for a few hours to make some stupendous discovery. The faded pages and books really helped to add to this room.
    Moving Rooms; I think that I more enjoyed the idea of the rooms, than the actual rooms themselves. Yeah, they were cool but there wasn't very much to them, and you could only go certain ways to go through doors. Also, they're pretty tricky to figure out at first.

    Good Things:
    * The detail and colours were just right for this game.
    * Just the fact that there were so many places to explore. I love games that let you explore nearly everything.

    Bad Things:
    * The secret passageways had me a bit confused at times as to which way to go.
    * The moving rooms were a tad bit confusing at first, but bearable.

    Cast of Characters;
    Linda Penvellyn: She's the reason that Nancy's been sent to the manor, and starts to fall ill leading herself to believe that she's turning into the beast. Linda hardly speaks with you throughout your stay there.

    Jane Penvellyn: Jane is a little girl who isn't very happy with the move into the manor. She'd much rather be back in the states with her real mother. However, she possesses some knowledge of the manor's secrets, so could her little girl act be the motive behind something greater?

    Mrs. Drake: Hugh's aunt, the housekeeper of Blackmoor, seems to be a no-nonsense and superstitious type of person. Most of the time she's seen tending to her plants and isn't one for warm conversation. Is she vary of Nancy enough to try to scare her away from the manor?

    Nigel Mookerjee: Nigel is a historian who has come to Blackmoor to research the Penvellyn family history. Could he have figured out something of use in the history and be willing to scare everyone away just to get his hands on the treasure?

    Ethel Bosinny: Ethel is Jane's tutor, who comes from a long line of family who have also tutored past Penvellyns. When we first meet her, she's extremely mysterious about things, so does this mean that she has something to hide?

    Lou Lou: The very talkative and hint-giving bird.

    Good Things:
    * Lou Lou was very fun to talk to.
    * I don't think that anybody was too pixelly.
    * They each have their own reason for possibly being the culprit. It was hard for me to stick with just one person by the end.

    Bad Things:
    * There wasn't much interaction with any of the characters.

    I found the puzzles in this game to be pretty difficult and plentiful. Certain things would have me pulling my hair out and re-checking the message boards for a hint or two until I started to understand. Also, some of them are things that you can check your phone's internet for information relating to the topic. I usually found myself forgetting about this. Don't get me wrong, the puzzles were pretty difficult, but they I felt that they were good and just right for this game.

    This game had its chilling moments, like the very beginning in the opening sequence, but I don't think that it was too terribly scary. There weren't really any jump out of your seat moments, besides the one time when somebody catches you towards the end. This was the only moment that I jumped at. I think that the scariest part was in the secret passageways (As always).

    The ending was a little quick think on your feet kind of thing. After finding out who the culprit was, started to really make sense to me. I found the ending to be a little confusing at one point, but after you've gone through everything and think about it, the final move just comes to you. I did enjoy the ending.

    Curse of Blackmoor Manor overall, was a spectacular game. I don't think that I would recommend it as your first Nancy Drew game because some of the puzzles can be extremely frustrating and tedious. However, I would recommend it in general, as I would any Nancy Drew game.
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    Thank you for an awesome review! I am currently playing CUR for the second time and enjoying it immensely. This game is the master of all ND games, I believe. It had everything that a good mystery game should have: sleuthing, spookiness, great difficult puzzles and interesting locale and backround information. I'm already nervous because I know what's coming. You reminded me about those horrible glowsticks which I will be needing so I better get on the stick and start playing more games! I appreciate you taking the time to detail my favorite ND game!

    Some of my favorites:

    Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake
    Danger on Deception Island
    Secret of Shadow Ranch
    Curse of Blackmoor Manor
    Treasure in the Royal Tower
    Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon
    The White Wolf of Icicle Creek
    Legend of the Crystal Skull
    The Phantom of Venice
    The Haunting of Castle Malloy
    Warnings at Waverly Acadamy
    Shadow at the Water's Edge
    The Captive Curse
    Ghost of Thornton Hall
    The Silent Spy