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Knights head and glowing rock

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  • Knights head and glowing rock

    So I'm playing this game for the first time in about ten years. The last time I played I was I'm a little rusty and very determined to beat my ten year-old self.

    I currently still need the knights head and as of the passageways I've gotten as far as the triangles. I do know what way they all need to go but before I run around doing that I'm curious about this glowing rock I've read about in some previous threads.

    Can I get this rock yet? It is SO annoying running back and forth getting glow sticks, I remember when I played years ago I would be in the middle of accomplishing something down there and I'd conveniently need to go find another stick. I also read about a few people coming across a flash light...I must have one of these before I go grey.

    Also I remember the following eventing happing and they haven't happened yet, when will this all happen?
    Seeing Linda grab for her cellphone, seeing her arm...

    Going into Jane's room while she's not there

    Also, on my check list it will not check off that I've had a good look around Jane's room. I have looked at everrrything. I've looked at the pictures, teeth, books, papers, all of it. Is this just a glitch or will I find something later on?

    Thanks in advance for any helpers!


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    There are two secret passageways to explore, have you found both?

    The glowing rock is
    beyond the triangle puzzle in the passages. Make sure you complete the puzzle on both sides - meaning solve it in the two passage ways.

    The knight's head is found after you do the triangles.

    To spy on Linda you need to
    further explore the passages, the one next to her room would be a good place to start!

    To my recollection there is never a time you can snoop Jane's room while she isn't there. For now, try and check other things off your list.