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Extremely stuck after getting through moving rooms

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  • Extremely stuck after getting through moving rooms

    I just made it through the moving rooms, saw the snake swallowing its tail on the door, Nancy said something about it, & now I need to talk to Nigel, except he fled when the statue moved.

    The only things on my checklist are:
    1. Something must happen when you push the fingers on the gargoyle contraption, figure out what
    2. Open up all the columns
    3. Discover what the deal is with the snake swallowing its tail

    From what I've read, I can't get the wand until I get into the forge, but I can't get into the forge until Nigel comes back. I've set my alarm for the next day & he still hasn't come back. I have no idea what to do.

    Hints would be greatly appreciated!


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    You said that you can't do the statue puzzle without getting into the forge first; that is not true. You need to get the want from the statue and Nigel should come back after you do that. I mostly just got that puzzle figured out by messing around with those fingers that move the statue. Do you want a spoiler?
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      Yes please :)



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        Click on the statue's right index and hear Nigel say the statue is moving.
        Click on statue's left middle finger and now Nigel screams
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          I believe I have a different solution. You may want to try this if the solution already given does not work.

          You posted that Nigel fled because the statue moved - that means that you might have already solved the puzzle and should be able to take the wand.
          If you can't take it, it may be because of the second part of the puzzle.

          Also, what gargoyle contraption?
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