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ϟ DAN, How delightfully rude! {In-depth review}

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  • ϟ DAN, How delightfully rude! {In-depth review}

    Danger by Design.

    T h e P l o t ;
    Nancy Drew flies to Paris to become an intern for a very mysterious and hysterical fashion designer. You arrive at the windmill studio only to recieve a list of chores and the knowledge that Minette: the designer has been receiving threats. Everyone seems to be on edge as Minette struggles to reach the deadline on her latest creation, but that doesn't mean that you won't have time for some sleuthing.
    Quaint flea markets and plenty of deciphering are there to ease your stay in Paris.

    Good Things:
    * We're in Paris, guys!
    * Brushing up on some French was fun as well.
    * Plenty of phone contacts and hints.
    * We get to make cookies and shop at a flea market.

    Bad Things:
    * So, the plot isn't very elaborate, but I believe that everything else in this game makes up for it.
    * Photo developing. Am I the only one who had some problems with this at first?

    Places To Explore;
    Abbesses; Minette's windmill studio was a pretty nifty little place. Little as in only two rooms to explore, plus a little surprise. Whenever I was inside I couldn't help but wonder where all of the fashion stuff was. Yes, there were little pictures on the walls and neat little objects and magazines, but I'd kind of hoped that the place would be one big mess of everything gorgeous. However, now that I think of it, that would be a bit difficult and tedious to design. Also, I'd like to mention the door to Minette's working area. Loved it.
    Rue Du Bac; Dieter's apartment was also a cute little place. I felt that the fish tank really fit. Even the bathroom was kind of how I'd picture a famous photographer's to be. I did find it hilarious whenever I flushed the toilet that he told me to help myself.
    Pont Neuf; The park was probably my favorite place to visit within the game. The small booths for the flea market made me smile, and I had a fantastic time looking around and buying things. Even the little games, (can I call them games?) were a nice touch. There was one little bit that I wish we could have a explored to get a better look at the water.
    Hotel De Ville; Jean sits outside of this building the whole length of the game, and even offers to buy you something in the beginning. There's really not much to see here, but it's a nice little edition if you just want to buy food.
    Place Monge; You room with Jing-Jing here. It's a very homey looking place, especially with all of the cookie ingredients on the counter to feed Jing-Jing's sweet tooth. There's also not a lot to see here besides newspapers and a nice telephone, but it is calming.
    Denfert Rochereau; The catacombs are a nicely decorated place, just remember to have some money whenever you want to go because you're charged every time you enter. Eventually in the game you're able to explore here and then in the underground tunnels, which is both really fun and irritable if you can't find your way around.

    Good Things:
    * Every place seemed to fit each person who was lodged there.
    * The colors of Paris were fantastique.
    * There were enough places to explore to be overall satisfied with the game.

    Bad Things:
    * The underground tunnels could be a bit confusing if you lost track of where you were.
    * Sometimes I forgot about paying to enter the catacombs, which really wasn't something that painting couldn't fix.

    Cast of Characters;
    Minette: The famously mysterious masked fashion couture designer who you are interning for throughout the length of the game. She's prone to throw tantrums and fire people, while also being very demanding. She doesn't really enjoy talking to you, as she's quite busy with her dress.

    Jing-Jing Ling: She is Minette's fitting model, and also your new roommate. Once you get to know her you find out that she'd been tricked into a contract with Minette and has a huge sweet tooth for cookies. You'll also come to know that she has a thing for a certain word game.

    Dieter VonSchwesterkrank: Famous photographer Dieter was previously dating Minette until recently when their relationship fizzled. His great uncle left him a clue as to where to find his lost treasure, however he's totally clueless as to how to use it. His last name is also tons of fun to say.

    Jean-Michel Traquenard: Jean is THE greatest fashion critic, who can make or break the entire fashion industry. You'll find him doing his work outside of a nice restaurant.

    Heather McKay: Heather is the very first person that you meet in the game, and she introduces you to Minette's mood swings. She's interning because she hopes to become a fashion designer herself, and hopes that Minette's contacts will help her out.

    Good Things:
    * My favorite person would have to be Dieter, what with his accent and extremely fun and long last name.
    * Everybody seems to have completely different personalities, which sets well in this game.

    Bad Things:
    * You don't really have to keep going back to people for information.

    I found most of the puzzles in the game to be pretty difficult, even after scrolling through the journal a time or two. I was relieved for the simpler ones, and happy that I didn't have to use the hint boards as much. I believe that if you could pay attention whilst people are talking and jot down multiple notes that the puzzles would be a bit easier.

    There really wasn't anything scary in this game. There might be the occasional chill with the thought that you might get caught in certain places, but overall there are no jump out at you scary parts.

    The ending takes a bit of time and concentration, even a little bit of remembrance so that you're sure of what's going to come next. Honestly, it really wasn't my kind of ending, but I guess it's better than the whole press one thing and you're done.

    Danger By Design overall, was a great game. If you're new to the Nancy Drew games, I don't believe that I would recommend it as your first game, unless you're up for some challenging puzzles. However, I would recommend it, as I would any Nancy Drew game.
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    Amazing review!! I loved all of the detail you gave and the way you told the good and the bad of each category. The formatting was beautiful also. Thanks so much for writing this! Brava! (Isn't that french? haha) Reps!

    ~Rachel ♥
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    sorry I've been gone so long.
    really miss you all!
    -rachel <3


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      wonderful review!! loved all of the details and the way this review was laid out! i agreed with pretty much everything...thank you for this review!
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        Originally posted by rutherford23 View Post
        wonderful review!! loved all of the details and the way this review was laid out! i agreed with pretty much everything...thank you for this review!
        I agree with rutherford23 on this review and most of the things in the review. The only bad things I found about the game are it was slow paced, kinda repetitive and most of the puzzles too easy. I liked the harder puzzles and the ending too because it was kinda different. Also the culprit was more challenging to beat than the the culprits from games 9-11. With 0 being the worst and 10 being the best I would rate this game a 7 beacuse it was a good game but the parts of it I named could have been better.
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