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Finally, a Nancy Drew in Paris game (and the last of the high quality ND games)

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  • Finally, a Nancy Drew in Paris game (and the last of the high quality ND games)

    Hi guys.

    I've been playing Nancy Drew games for a long time, I started in what I believe to be fourth or third grade with Message in a Haunted Mansion (as you can see I have been on the forums since 2005, on and off, for certain), and as I've grown older, I have still continued to buy the games, partly from loyalty to the company, and also partly because I have continued small hopes that they games will return to what the once were. This is a review that is long overdue. I played DAN quite a long time ago, but after coming back to play some of the newer games, ie, LIE and Sea of Darkness, I thought DAN was one worth reviewing.

    Here is the thing.

    For me, DAN was the last game before, with Creature of Kapu Cave, HER completely changed the direction of the ND games. Suddenly, the games started to seem more cartoony, choppy, and possessed less of the class and elegance that the previous ones had. DAN still had this. Granted, it has all the parts needed to help make the plot and setting amazing (Paris, fashion, rich European history), but visually, the game is beautiful. I love the beginning, and the integrations of puzzles and mystery elements were perfect. This game had some of the best puzzles out of them all, and the characters were rich and diverse (also, I just love ND games were you get to bake....can anyone else back me on that?!) Minette was incredibly well done and the perfect display of a fashion designer recluse.

    I have been to Paris, and for a Nancy Drew game, the game was very authentic for what these little games can be as far as culture, architecture, and the metro station maps.

    It was also a LONG game, in an amazing way. ND games are not supposed to be short games that can be knocked out in a couple hours. This one was perfect - both in length and difficulty level - puzzles and plot were intricate, but not seemingly impossible enough to drive one to frustration.

    It is so one worth playing, and takes some of the pep & new graphics/color/brightness from the new games but still has the character depth/real (not cheesy) quirkiness of characters, beautiful scenery, puzzles, music, rich plot and conversations with suspects of the old games to create an amazing game set in the fashion industry in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

    As for my earlier points - I'm not sure what can be done to bring the wonderful-ness that the older games had back to the ND games. I truly wish HER would listen to their customer base and return some of the amazing stories back to the new games. Let me know what you guys think on that!

    Thanks guys!

    For what it is worth, for the newer games I did enjoy Castle Malloy and Legends of the Crystal Skull! It's unfortunate that HER had some amazing locations to work with the post 2006 games (Egypt, Alaska, Iceland, etc). and did not live them up to their potential. If these games had been done to the likes of DAN and Blackmoor Manor, I'd imagine they would have been rich, fun games with the inclusion of these locations.
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