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Danger by Design - A review by felicity18

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  • Danger by Design - A review by felicity18

    This game is really great and fun to play. I love that this game takes place in Paris, France. The characters in this game are wonderfully unique and very different from on another.

    Minette is a crazy designer. I thought that this character was just really weird and strange or as Nancy says a real nut job. Heather is Minette's assistance and is the only remotely normal character in this game. Except for her crush on Dieter which is a classic case of unrequited love.

    Jing-Jing Ling is a fitting model who works for Minette and Nancy stays with during her time in Paris. Jing- Jing must maintain a perfect size 12 so she makes cookies all the time. I thought that JJ was a good character but a little one sided. Dieter is a photographer. He was dating Minette before she broke up with him suddenly. He is also searching for his great uncle's long lost treasure connected to Noisette Tornade. Jean-Michel is a fashion critic writer. He has that whole smug and snob combined attitude about him.

    What I really like about this game is the story of Noisette Tornade and especially her love story. I really like the old Moulin where she lived. I also enjoyed learning all about the French Resistance during WWII. All in all this is a really fun game and has great complexity and dimension to it.

    So I give Danger by Design an 8 out of 10.