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  • Paint bomb

    I've tried to fix the paint bomb several times but can't get past it. Could someone give a hint or a spoiler?
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    Here you go:

    Originally posted by Turq8 View Post
    You need to place the pieces so that they have something in common (either color or shape) with the one they're connected to.

    A connection would be, for example, a red circle, a space, and a green triangle. You would need to either find a red triangle or a green circle to go there. Make sense?
    Originally posted by catsandbooks View Post
    H=horizontal V=vertical

    Switch H green triangle w/ green circle

    Switch V green circle w/ yellow circle

    Switch V yellow square w/ green circle

    Switch H red triangle w/ yellow circle

    Switch H blue square w/ blue circle

    Switch H blue square w/ blue triangle

    Switch V red square w/ green square
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