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Pin Wheel Squirel chaser

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  • Pin Wheel Squirel chaser

    I am also stuck on the pinwheel thing. I have tried to do the mouth thing. But It doesn't stay. I have followed the walkthrough, and I've even done a step ahead with doing the decoder thing. at least one step of it. I've also talked to everyone I can possibly talk to. I have the string, pie tin and stick thing. I've tried to put all of them togeather before sticking into ground. Still nothing. I've even viewed the statue thing
    I Solved all the games but 1!

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    You must solve the mouths puzzle before you can do the pin wheel.
    The mouths will lock in place when it is solved.
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      The mouths will stay if you get it right. Then worry about the pin wheel.
      If you are stuck on the masks, the following is a spoiler;
      crank it 10 times
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