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Door at the end of the passageway

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  • Door at the end of the passageway

    I have to
    decode the message found in the letter in the journal
    to figure out how to unlock the door in the passageway. I tried using the same setting for the other one that I decoded, but
    I have written down and triple checked FOFC LLBK, ENIJDTKD! When I enter it onto the typewriter, though, it resets when I hit the second F (FOF). Is there a different setting that I should use? If so, where would I find it?

    Things on checklist:
    - Figure out how to open that door that I found in the passageway of the moulin.
    - Confront Heather about the letter that she sent to Minette.
    - Figure out the significance of Sous Lorraine 4154
    - Keep an eye out for the machine that's pictured in that book of Noisette's that I found. (Don't know why it still won't let me check it off seeing as how I have used it to decode a message.)

    Things in my inventory:
    - Typewriter
    - Noisette's journal
    - Dictionary
    - Eye decoder
    - Clock face
    - Wet suit
    - Picture list
    - Call card
    - Obituary
    - Empty chocolate box
    - Case file
    - Letter from Lynn
    - Card with the Eiffel Tower on it
    - Windmill

    No one will talk to me. Heather and Minette are both gone. Bess and George tell me that I need to talk to someone who knows history to talk about the significance of Sous Lorraine 4154. Joe and Frank tell me where to find the typewriter that I already have and have used to decode a message.
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    The moulin passageway door needs a key.
    To find it, it you must use the word clue from the eye puzzle.
    The second word is a name of something at the park.
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